3 Easy Mason Jar Hacks

Yeah, I’m kinda obsessed with Mason Jars…

Can’t blame me. They¬†are pretty damn versatile. And¬†their charm remains universal.

Watch WhatsUpMoms transform simple mason jars into 3 cool items you can use around the house!

Tomorrow I’ll share what this lady can do with Diet Coke cans!!

BTW I tend to share DIY projects that are doable for an average person (like me!) Trust me, not everything on Pinterest is as easy as they make it seem. If you have not incurred a few Pinterest fails by now, you are too damn perfect and we cannot be friends!



The best way to find a perfect avocado!

Is it just me or each time I buy a bunch of avocados from the grocery store, I’m compelled to eat them in 257 seconds or else they turn black!

The amount of time I’ve spent standing in front of¬†an avocado stand guessing/wondering which piece¬†to pick so they can last beyond 257 seconds in my house is *phew* long and hard!

So please, don’t be like me, minimize your time in the avocado section¬†asking yourself the million dollar question, and watch this BuzzFeed video.

I like it when BuzzFeed produces relevant material.


Must-Know Photography Tips and Tricks

Watch photographer Lorenz Holder demonstrate some creative photography tips & tricks!

If you like taking pictures¬†like the rest of us humanoids do then drop what you’re doing; these videos are short and loaded with brilliant ideas.

7 Smartphone Photography Tips and Tricks

These days most of us use our smartphones for photography for on-the-go editing and sharing convenience. Here are 7 ways you can make your smartphone photography stand out. Get ready to be the crowd pleaser on Instagram!


7 DIY Photography Tips Using Household Objects

These might need a little planning ahead of time but most objects are bound to be lying around your house as we speak. Make sure to grab a pair of stockings on your next trip!


7 Simple Photography Hacks

And if you’re more on the serious side of photography and want to learn some creative ways to photograph your next wedding session then this is the video to watch.

If you liked what you saw then do not forget to follow The Cooperative of Photography for more creative ideas!


Farewell to Makkah

Non-Muslims are not allowed in the holy city of Makkah (Mecca). And photography or video making is discouraged.

So sadly, outside of Muslims, no one gets to experience the beauty of Makkah. I wish there was a way around it but I understand and respect Saudi’s attempt to keep the site holy and restricted to¬†pilgrims for one purpose only.

But, no worries, I managed to make a video of people walking around Kaaba which is the black structure you see in the middle. It is the sacred site for Muslims. As part of your Umraah (mini version of the holy pilgrimage), you are supposed to walk around the Kaaba 7 times.

I shot these two videos around 4 am in the morning. The crowd you observe here is ’bout 9 times less then what you typically see during the normal hours of the day.

And this one is the fast-forward GIF version:

With these, I bring my Jeddah diaries to an end. I bid thee farewell!!! And hope (again) whoever desires to, may they embark on their own spiritual journey one day when the time is right and the soul is prepared.


U2 does it again!

The song The Troubles from their new album Songs of Innocence is deep…

Lykke Li’s subliminal voice singing¬†“little by little” only adds to the intimate mood set off by this song…

And what tops it off is this was the cover tune¬†for The Walking Dead season 5 premier!!!¬†There couldn’t have been a more appropriate¬†tune!

Time to add to your iPod for the weekend!