Word of the Day


in the water

(n.) “cloud walker”; one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams, or one who does not obey the conventions of society, literature, or art.

Something I do a lot of in the shower!

Speaking of showers, are you guilty of manifesting the weirdest thoughts in your head under the heavy forces of the water?

Try the blog Shower Thoughts. I promise whoever is behind this source of craziness deserves a medal!

Here are a few shower thoughts reblogged from…well…Shower Thoughts:

 The Internet is the most successful Sun-Cancer Prevention Scheme of all time.

Since celery is 90% water, if I tried walking on it, I’d be 90% like Jesus.

Everyone in my family has sucked on my mom’s breasts.

Most people hate the sound of their own voice yet don’t mind the smell of their own farts.

Apple used to use the slogan “think different” but now tons of people have the same exact laptops.

April Fools Day is probably the best time to tell a kid they’re adopted. If they take it well it’s a success, if they take it particularly badly or can’t cope with it then you can disguise it as a joke. Perfect way to test the water.

Nutflix would be a great name for a porn site.

The fact that there’s a stairway to heaven and a highway to hell tells you a lot about the anticipated traffic.

If you have a sibling older than you with the same gender, your parents probably like their name more.

Somewhere out there is a really tall person named Richard who is literally the biggest Dick in the world.

…and my personal favorite:

When a Saudi man uses Siri for directions a woman is telling him what to do.

Shower Thoughts is just genius!

Introducing the Word of the Day

Here’s random tidbit on my affair with Words…

Education begins at home or simply put, the emphasis on it! Had it not been for my parents’ persistent push towards the pursuit of education, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this blog.

But the acquisition of education is a whole new ballgame! How and what we learn is more or less driven by the quality of education we receive, the schools we attend, the teachers we are exposed to and the crowds we surround ourselves with.

Over the course of my 16 years of education, I must have been exposed to 25-30 sub-subjects which means different types and levels of Mathematics, Sciences, Languages, Histories and Geographies. The other day I was wondering (because I tend to wonder about random things) how much storage capacity does our brain hold. Is it 100 terabytes? 300 megabytes? Can it be measured at all? Then I started to think surely it would depend on the size of our memories, right? We know memories are limited but we also know with age our brains are prone to fading information. And at some point, we remember some and forget some. So how does the brain go about deciding what to store & what to rid itself of?

As an exercise in treating myself as the”subject”, I started on the quest to measure my memory by making a note of lessons I still remember. Rather quickly, memories flooded in.

I remember my Sociology teacher Mr. White cracking jokes.I remember my Geometry teacher Ms. Shehla volunteering to tutor me after school. I remember looking forward to my 10th grade Chemistry class. I remember my 11th grade English teacher turning Grammar into a fun hour. Why did my brain choose to filter these moments first? Because these moments had teachers who taught me something which stayed with me for a very long time. Mr. White showed us to be chill about stuff & absorb life with a cool eye. Ms. Shehla turned me into an A-class expert on Geometry which was my Math Kilimanjaro to climb. I was more or less a Chemist in the making after one semester in Ms. Fontenot’s Chemistry class. And the desire to learn new words I inherited in Mrs. White’s 11th grade English class remains a quest to this day.

Conclusion: I remember not what I learned in books but through those who taught me how!

With that said, Mrs. White, I dedicate my Word of the Day posts to you! You made me appreciate a language and encouraged me to keep mastering it.

Not all habits are made to be broken.

And we arrive at the end of my random tidbit on my affair with Words…

So…today’s Word of the Day is:

vegicationThe act of vegging out and doing nothing while on vacation because you deserve it!

I know, this is no Oxford material but I love the word, I love lethargy and I love vacations…

So tell me, is there a teacher who has inspired you?

Images via Live Life Passionately with Love