Seriously??! I want these NOW!!!

I’d like to present to you one of the BEST (soon-to-be) inventions of our times – Fondue Slippers!!!

Fondue Slippers

Inspired by the draping effect of fondue cheese, Tokyo-based designer Satsuki Ohata came up with idea of “Fondue Slippers”—a moldable footwear that gives the users the feeling of walking around barefoot (of course a Japanese…I’m not surprised! They’re just brilliant!) He named it “Fondue Slippers” because the production process is similar to that of cheese fondue. Here’s how these slippers will work (mind you this is Satsuki’s concept as of now and is currently undergoing production. But when these suckers come out, you damn well know I am visiting Japan all over again just to get my hands on these!):

You just dip your foot and then let it dry. That’s it!


This is NOT cheese!


Once dried, you can use the kit to develop as many slippers as your heart desires:

fondue1 (1)

Wear them while doing your mundane house chores: (no more dirty socks!)


Wear them while relaxing, having a cup of tea and watching your favorite shows on DVR:


Hell even go to work wearing them:


Customize as you like: (put your creative genes to action!)


And wash them as many times as you like:


The best part is they fit to your feet, perfectly!


Here’s my future kit:


umm hmmmh you can thank me later!