Eid Mubarak!!!!

virtual hug

…to all my fellow Muslims!!!

Guys!! Today we EAT during the day … wooooooooooo hooooooooooo!!!

Muslims be like


This will be ME at the Eid Prayers


…and ME right after the Eid Prayers!


Right?! I mean admit it! We all know where we heading right after the prayers…to EID BRUNCHES, LUNCHES, SNACKS, DINNERS, DESSERT ROUNDS, LATE NIGHT DINNER RUNS, LATE NIGHT DESSERT ROUNDS!!!


Clearly my sole purpose to show up at every Eid invitation


but wishfully hoping I get other surprises besides 63 entree options to choose from like, you know,


At least no more Ramadan breath!


And we can kiss goodbye to awkward Ramadan questions

no water


Just don’t forget to be grateful to The One and Only, The Almighty, for blessing us with another year of this beautiful month!

C’mon I mean even Kanye’s got my back on this!

kanye gif

kanye tumblr

PEACE to everyone on this Planet Earth and to anyone else out there watching us!!!