Al-Masjid an-Nabawi also called the Prophet’s Mosque is an absolute architectural marvel! In my travels to Europe, Middle East and Asia, I have not witnessed a structure as grand and beautiful as this! The minuscule details carved into stones and marbles throughout the mosque are breathtaking. The art speaks a thousand words. And only peace diffuses into the heart.

Photography is discouraged and in some places, strictly not allowed. Yet I couldn’t resist the urge to sneak out my iPhone to capture a few shots.

Unfortunately I barely covered the mosque indoors.

I didn’t want to be that tourist who has to walk the embarrassed path to security!






Randomness continues in Jeddah

With only a few days in our schedule to venture out into the city and explore it’s “rawness”, I decided to click my camera as frequently as I could without a preordained thought. So I don’t miss any moment. Any memory.

These pictures were captured either roaming the city of Jeddah or en route to Makkah (Mecca) and Medina.


and last but certainly not the least, driving by, I caught a glimpse of Texas!!!!