Surreal Interior Designs

I simply hate these people!

glass floor over water Old Tower Clock Window Pirate Ship Bed Wooden Reading Hammock

Bicycle Sink ceiling library Cosmic Wall Mural Fiber Optic Starry Night Sky Bathroom Floor

and see how this guy transformed his bathroom floor into a starry night sky!

via Earth Porn


Industrial Designs

I swear Tumblr is like a vacuum!!! If you get in the way of it, it can suck you in.

A couple of weeks ago I ran across #IndustrialDesign on Tumblr. I made the mistake of clicking on the hashtag. Since then, I’ve been hooked. This is news coming from someone who’s more of a vintage fan, you know, stuff you find on the other end of the spectrum.

So…since this blog is about anything & everything random that resonates with me, I will now take you into the world of Industrial Design!

Auktionstipsetvia Souda; Source

3-legged magazine table1 3-legged magazine table2

via IndustrialDesignIdeas; source

cool bookshelf

via cool stuff; source

cool grill1

cool grill2

cool grill3

cool grill4

via ippinka; source

edgy floor bookshelf1

edgy floor bookshelf2

edgy floor bookshelf3

via make stuff; source

wave cabinet

wave cabinet2

wave cabinet3

via make stuff; source

ishi desk1

ishi desk2

via take over time; source

megalith table1 megalith table2

via occupy design; source

modular brass candle blocks

via Souda; source

pethouse design pethouse design2

via pentadesk; source

papilio chairs1

papilio chairs3

via Outside The Area; Source

Embracing Touch Seat Collection

via style taboo; source

geometrical sofa set

geometrical sofa set2

via Industrial Design Ideas; source

And I can totally see myself lazy’ing on this giant boxy cushion chair!

More to come on this trend…stay tuned…