Lee Ann Thornton Interiors

I’m rather obsessed with the designer Lee Ann Thornton.

Her interior designs project such warmth and peace in her homes, I’m in a happy place just by looking at them.

Imagine if she made your next home look like this:

kmillet_MG_2313R-1 kmillet_MG_2295R kmillet_MG_2166R kmillet_MG_1882R kmillet_MG_1652R kmillet_MG_1627R kmillet_MG_1568R Karyn+R+Millet_MG_9413R Karyn+R+Millet_MG_9373R CCG_Thornton_Project_312 CCG_Thornton_Project_288 CCG_Thornton_Project_251 CCG_Thornton_Project_181 CCG_Thornton_Project_059 151 054 034

If I end up owning a country home in Connecticut in my next life, I’m definitely hiring Lee!

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