What I suck at? Hair!

Nothing sets you free like candidly admitting to the entire world what you (bottom-line) suck at! We as humans like to believe we are super machines. If we put our minds to a task, we can accomplish it. All it takes is dedication and patience.

…heard it a millions times…so…

Later one night I took on the task to braid my hair. 10 minutes into it, my arms roared in pain while I desperately tried hanging on to what remotely looked like a braid but closely resembled a bird’s nest after a vicious eagle attack. Really? How long has it been since I’ve struggled to braid my hair like a professional? Like 235 years! And how many videos I may have pinned along the way on my quest for fine hair? Like 2,345,897 of them! Then why is it that the invention of a time machine is a more plausible concept at this moment then you (me speaking to myself out of mere frustration) successfully inventing a braid???

And then it hit me!

Henna, you just suck at hair!

And you know what? It’s okay! Because….you are this super human machine who’s so good at everything else, sucking at one thing won’t hurt 😉

Which is why folks like Sarah Angius has a following of 418K people! Either you can watch, follow and fail (like me on most days) or you can watch and make heads turn on a Saturday night!

So thanks to my friend Sukaina who just shared this video on her Facebook timeline, I’d like to bring you a collage of her tutorials in one video, although on her Instagram page, you can find her quick 15-second tutorials on several styles.