33 Restaurants with Spectacular Views!

Turns out food is not the only luxury served best at these restaurants.

Next time you’re on a journey around the world, pamper yourself with a meal and a view, at what is voted by travel magazines and experts, restaurants with the most spectacular views!

I can’t vouch for the quality of the food though. Hoping the meal is as refreshing as the view you take in!


Sierra Mar – Big Sur, California

sierra Mar, Big Sur, CA

The Encounter, LAX – Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California, USA --- Encounter Restaurant at Los Angeles Airport --- Image by © Chris Daniels/CORBIS

George’s At The Cove – La Jolla, California


Surf Lodge Restaurant – Montauk, New York

Surf Lodge Restaurant, Montauk, NY

The River Cafe – Brooklyn, New York


Mirror Lake Inn – Lake Placid, New York


Elements Restaurant – Scottsdale, Arizona


Dasheene – St. Lucia, West Indies


Sanctuary Lodge – Cuzco, Peru



Les Remparts – Eze Village, France

Les Remparts, Eze Village, France

Le Panoramic – Chamonix, France


La Sponda – Positano, Italy

La Sponda, Positano, Italy

Belvedere, Hotel Caruso – Amalfi Coast, Italy


Ristorante Grotta Palazzese – Puglia, Italy


Club Del Doge Restaurant – Venice, Italy

Club del Doge Restaurant, Venice, Italy

Rossellini’s – Ravello, Italy


Hotel Edelweiss – Murren, Switzerland


360 – Istanbul, Turkey



101 at One&Only, The Palm – Dubai, UAE


Saidpur Village, Pakistan


The Monal – Islamabad, Pakistan


Vertigo, Banyan Tree – Bangkok


Soneva Kiri – Koh Kood, Thailand


The Grotto – Krabi, Thailand


Kupu Kupu Barong Villas – Bali, Indonesia


Waterfalls Restaurant – San Pablo City, Philippines


Felix – Hong Kong


Skyline Restaurant – Queenstown, New Zealand



Delaire Graff Restaurant – Stellenbosch, South Africa


Ngorongoro Crater Lodge – Tanzania


Klein’s Camp – Serengeti, Tanzania


The Rock Restaurant – Zanzibar, Tanzania


Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant – Diani Beach, Kenya



17 Power Snacks To Lighten Up Your Dull Day

via BuzzFeed

Snackaholics, be prepared! Be it boredom, binging or both, now you are free to munch all day long without the fear of putting on the pounds. Well…just don’t go overboard!


Are you bored at work?

Do you have the tendency to day dream a lot?

Are you borderline ADD?

Does food top your aphrodisiac list?

Is your job too stressful?

Well then you my dear look forward to your snack hours. And I’m here to make them snack worthy!

I do suggest you seek help if you answered “yes” to any of the questions above. It won’t hurt…

…in the meantime, enjoy these power snacks on me. Like these…

Banana Dog Bites? What a cool name!

banana dog bites

 recipe here

Frozen Yogurt-Covered Blueberries

yogurt blueberries

recipe here

Roasted Chickpeas

roasted chickpeas

recipe here

Chocolate Avocado Pudding


recipe here


Say helloooo to Nutella Energy Bites!


recipe here

Pretty awesome ways to keep a boring and busy day interesting eh!?

Read this article at BuzzFeed for more ideas on empowering your snack tooth!

And this wraps up my contribution to humanity on better and healthy eating!!!

28 Easy And Healthy Breakfasts You Can Eat On The Go

via BuzzFeed


Time is a luxury these days. Either that or you’re a lazy bum like me who gets up 30 minutes prior to leaving for work which means no time to make a breakfast meal. Hence like many other fellow Americans, I resort to caffeine or carbs, the “quick fixes”, to jump start the day.

Well here are quick, easy and healthy breakfast meals you can prepare in 10 minutes or less the morning of or the night before. Time should no longer be an excuse to not eat healthy!

Like this…

Chia Pudding which involves 3 simple ingredients: milk, chia seeds and honey! And if these ingredients don’t appeal to you then try her suggested variations like orange, chocolate, pistachio, almonds, agave, bananas, cardamom, or masala chia!

chia pudding

recipe here

Ricotta and Honey Sandwich

Ricotta and honey sandwich

recipe here

Quinoa Granola Bars with no precooking!

Quinoa granola bars

recipe here

Healthy Muffins made with oats, carrots, skim milk and bananas


recipe here


Apple Peanut Butter Sandwich

Apple peanut butter sandwich

recipe here

Read this BuzzFeed article for more on-the-go breakfast recipes including recipes for power smoothies, for those umm weird folks who find the energy to workout in the mornings!

Tomorrow we will cater to snackaholics!

18 Mason Jar Salads That Make Perfect Healthy Lunches

via BuzzFeed


Oh I love it when BuzzFeed posts something buzzworthy!

Like these amazing 18 mason jar salads which can be easily prepared in a matter of minutes.

Look cool and healthy at the same time!

So…Halloween is around the corner which means I’m going to eat healthy (or try my best to) for the next few weeks so I can binge on some candy. That said, this week my posts will be dedicated to healthy eats!

I figure every now & then we need someone to spill some fresh meal ideas into our brain. Because attempting to search for recipes on Pinterest means letting yourself be consumed by a black hole for 123 hours!!! aaaaand nothing gets done…

So…what’s the trick to creating salads in a mason jar:


The dressing goes first.

Then goes the grain or protein…

Then the fixings…

Then the leafy greens.

A formula as simple as this can create a:

Burrito Bowl Salad

burrito bowl salad

recipe here

Egg and Avocado Mixed Salad

egg avacado salad

egg avacado salad

recipe here

Asian Noodle Salad

Asian Noodle Salad

recipe here


Pomegranate and Pear Salad (yummm)

Pomegranate and pear salad

recipe here

Read this BuzzFeed article for remaining 14 recipes.

And off you go in prepping your lunch meals for the remainder of the month.

Tomorrow we will share ideas on how to jump start your day with a healthy simple easy breakfast meal!

Oh my…

I am not a huge Ice Cream fan. I can devour a cake down my esophagus in milliseconds. But Ice Cream? I give it 4 thoughts at least. But Cloud 10 Creamery in Upper Kirby could change my perspective on Ice Cream altogether. Their eccentric yet distinctively unique flavors leave a lasting impression on the tongue and everything following the organ. And if you plan on paying the Ice Cream heaven a visit anytime soon, do try their Lavender Milk Chocolate ice cream and Rose Tea Cake with Lychee and Raspberry Mousse, a mouthful indeed!!!

Cloud 10 Creamery Cloud 10 Creamery2

Here are some of the flavors to expect this month:

  • smoked corn
  • sour cream w/banana jam
  • cardamom cream cheese
  • passion fruit w/white chocolate
  • tomato rooibos
  • hazelnut-miso
  • pink peppercorn w/strawberries
  • lavender milk chocolate
  • watermelon star anise sorbet
  • cucumber pandan sorbet