Life’s Simple Hacks

Did you know you can use items around your house to make your life easier, simpler and better organized?

1. One-Minute Hair Reviver

Baby Powder

If you’re on the go and have no time to shower and have no dry shampoo at hand, stretch your hairstyle one more day/night by sprinkling baby powder on a brush and running it through your hair.

2. Multipurpose Beauty Lifesaver


Use it to erase mascara smudges, tame unruly eyebrows, control flyaways or coax a stubborn ring off a finger.

3. One-Liter Soda Bottle Boot Supporter

soda bottle

Insert an empty one-liter plastic bottle into a tall boot to keep it from sagging, creasing, or toppling over, making space for more shoes in your tiny closet.

4. Pencil Eraser Earring Securer

eraser on stud

If the backing for one of your earring studs goes missing or just won’t stick, slice off a disk-shaped wedge from an eraser and stick to the back of the stud.

5. Wire Hanger Static Defuser

wire hanger

To tame static on a clinging skirt, run the long side of a hanger over the surface and then underneath.

6. Vinegar Coffeemaker Cleanser

vinegar coffee maker cleanser

To get rid of buildup, fill the carafe with a solution of one part vinegar and three parts water and run the brew cycle, then run a few more cycles of water.

7. Vinegar Tag Remover

vinegar removes tags

Remove a stubborn sticker, decal or price tag by dampening it with vinegar and letting it sit for five minutes. Then rub it off with a cotton ball or a paper towel.

8. Return-Address Label Loss Preventer

address label

Stick address labels to books, DVDs, magazines, school supplies or umbrellas, anything you are likely to lose but don’t want to lose. You may forget who you gave it or where you left it to but an honest discoverer or borrower will know where to return the item.

9. File Label Cord Identifier


Use file-folder labels as cord identifiers to minimize confusion on days where you wonder which plug to ID or disconnect.

10. Napkin Holder Bill Organizer

napkin holder

This was my tip of the day. Organize your bills as opposed to laying them on the dresser in a messy pile. What a way to make your ugly bills look pretty!

via Real Simple


On my dresser…

I have what you call “curse of the beauty product”! Each time I become obsessed with a beauty product, the company is doomed to discontinue it. So I know when I fall in love with an item, I (a) say a prayer for its longevity on the shelf, and (b) stack 20 of them in my supply closet (just in case). Because very soon, I would be required to shop for its twin in the market which I know I’ll never find indeed. And eventually I’d have to settle for its close substitute and continue in the hopes of a brand new love affair.

However, I’m proud to announce (knock on wood) these precious items are still on the market. I am only grateful and giddy. And want to spread the giddiness. These products are pretty cool and definitely worth a try if you are game.

1. Thierry Mugler Angel Perfuming Hair Mist – $41.95 (on Amazon)


I have a lot of hair with a lot of color and a lot of layers which means blow drying is an occasion I have to set aside ample time for. As a result, I shampoo my hair about 3 times a week and the rest of the days, Angel comes to the rescue. I have tried dry shampoos before. Some of those serve the purpose as well but Angel’s scent will stay in your hair past a one-hour yoga class, guaranteed!

2. Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum – $45 (on Amazon)


Not sure why this vitamin C serum has such low number of reviews on Amazon. This is a pretty amazing serum to put on your skin at night before bed. I kid you not, I wake up the next day feeling like I just stepped out of a bad a$$ facial. My skin feels tight, clean and refreshed. And the great visible pores dim a bit as well. Plus, I have uber oily skin so if you were cautious up until now, don’t be – the oil settles perfectly well on oily skin leaving no greasy after effects or breakouts. Honestly, I’m not regular or consistent with my beauty applications but if you are, applying this oil on your skin every other night will minimize your trips to the facial spa. Now…there are other comparable products in the market which I have yet to try in fact Sephora has a great deal on a set of four oils for day and night hydration and repair for just $32.

3. Flormar Rotating Volume Mascara


I have been on the hunt to find the best mascara on Planet Earth since puberty hit! I have tried all types from Dior, Marc Jacobs to Buxom, Nars, Sephora and back. I must have dished a couple of thousand dollars on mascaras by now but never been completely 101% satisfied. Some clunk up, some just don’t deliver for the price you pay while others are too stubborn on your lashes and refused to be removed which is the reason I have lost so many lashes over the last few years. When I went to Istanbul 3 years ago, I stopped at Flormar on Taksim square. And I’m sooooo glad I did! I discovered some of the best make-up of my life and I mean from lipsticks, eye shadows, blush to mascaras. I dropped some serious benjamins that night and my only regret is I picked only 1 of this mascara. So, for starters, this mascara rotates automatically with the push of a button and will deliver unbelievable lashes! Now the only way I know of to shop for Flormar products is to contact their store in NYC and hope they can ship an item to you because I can’t find any other way to buy online, even on Amazon.

4. EltaMD SPF 45 UV Aero Sunscreen – $29.15 (on Amazon)


Look no further! The price is steep but for a religious tanner like me with skin prone to quick sunburns, it serves and protects the skin to the fullest. If there’s one item for which I am willing to pay the premium for the quality, it’s my SPF UV protection spray.

5. OPI Tickle my France-y – $6.85 (on Amazon)


LOVING this shade from OPI although I’m not a big fan of OPI. It’s smudgeville! But for the color, I’ll suck it up.