DIY Rose Water Soap

Final Pic1

Growing up, I just loved the smell of rose-anything…roses, rose water, rose scent, rose soaps, rose drinks, you name it, I’ve smelled it. So of course when I took on the hobby of soap making sometime last year, I wanted to try soap making with pure rose water. Why rose water? Rose water offers many benefits for your skin and overall well-being and here’s to name a few:

  • It is rich in vitamins A, C, D, E and B3 hence good for nourishing and rejuvenating an ageing skin
  • It has natural antiseptic,  anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties so it can help cool and soothe irritated skin as well as diminish redness
  • It can be applied as a natural toner to help balance and revitalize normal to dry skin
  • It does magic as an aromatherapy ingredient to help reduce stress

I wanted to use pure rose water as an ingredient in my soaps, however, I had no idea how adding additional liquid-based ingredient would affect the properties of my soap base. So I set out to give it a try and guess what? Soaps turned out great! And they smell absolutely breathtaking, look pretty and make adorable holiday gifts. In fact, I made these right before the holidays as gifts for my special friends. They were a total win!

Here’s what I used for my Rose Water Soap:

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Cut up soap base into small cubes, place them in a microwave safe measuring bowl (as seen in the image above) and begin melting the soap cubes in the microwave in 15-20 second increments until soap is completely melted. Stir to make sure no small cubes are hidden within the soap mix and the soap is entirely melted.


Add 1/2 tablespoon of pure rose water, 1/8 teaspoon of rose fragrance and a few drops of red colorant to the melted soap mix and stir properly & efficiently (no need to rush this!) until all ingredients are dissolved and mixed well. These colorants can be very strong so I suggest you go easy at first and add only a drop or two to see how far along you are in accomplishing your final ideal shade. Then, if needed, keep adding a few drops until you’ve reached your desired shade/coloring. Since I wanted more of a rosy shade, I added my red coloring very slowly to the mix to avoid ending up with a deep red color. To give you a perspective, here’s the mix when I added my first two drops of red colorant:

Add Coloring

See what I mean?

Once the ingredients are mixed well, pour your soap mix into soap molds. I ended up using 4 of these molds for my entire mix.

Put in molds

As you can see, bubbles appear as you settle the mix in the molds. No worries. Spray rubbing alcohol gently on your soap mixtures to rid your soaps of bubbles. Let your soaps sit for at least a couple of hours at room temperature and then pull them out of the molds gently when ready.

What a beauts!!!

Final Pic1BTW I’m already taking showers with my rose water soap and the bath smells like roses!!!

These soaps literally took me less than 30 minutes in the making (from prepping to settling into molds). So think: they’re quick, economical, pretty and make great give-away’s!!!

For some helpful tips for your soap-making adventures, refer to my tips on my previous DIY Pumpkin Spice Soap project.

Also, fyi, I bought these ingredients very last minute as this fabulous idea materialized in my head practically two days before the Holiday party (where I unveiled them to my friends). Hence I had to rely on what I could find quickly at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Albeit I’m an avid shopper of both, there are plenty of online stores which offer way more soap making ingredients and molds you can play around with. One of my personal favorites one-stop shop is Bramble Berry. But, with Michael’s and Hobby Lobby’s frequent 50% and 40% coupons, you can’t beat the savings!



Vintage Living – Amazing Repurposed Storage Ideas

“In my humble opinion, two things a home can always use more of is, extra storage & vintage charm. Being a lover of all things old & worn and a mom of 2 busy boys, I am always looking for clever ways to add storage that will keep me on budget and add warmth to my space at the same time. Repurposing vintage & salvaged items into storage can add style & character, create conversation and bring function to your space without breaking the bank. The best places to look for these items are flea markets, estate & tag sales, thrift stores, local antique shops and yard sales.”

Jennifer O’Brien,

Feel free to be charmed by Jen’s modern country-style living as seen on her blog City Farmhouse.

In the meantime, let me share with you some of the ideas featured in her article on on how to make use of vintage items to bring character and purpose to your house at the same time make space for extra storage.

Vintage rolling cart & tool box serves as storage & display for family treasures

Vintage rolling cart & tool box serves as storage & display for family treasures, via Jeanne Oliver Designs

Stacked crates for wine storage

Stacked crates for wine storage

Vintage box serving as a beautiful centerpiece on the coffee table

Vintage box serving as a beautiful centerpiece on the coffee table, via My Fabuless Life

Crates create beautiful displays in this kitchen

Crates create beautiful displays in this kitchen

This empire dresser serves as functional kitchen island storage

This empire dresser serves as functional kitchen island storage, via DIYShowOff

Vintage crates create instant storage in a bedroom

Vintage crates create instant storage in a bedroom

A chicken feeder makes for a perfect console table to hold magazines and display a collection of weather vanes

A chicken feeder makes for a perfect console table to hold magazines and display a collection of weather vanes

Chicken coop turned into a stunning coffee table perfect for storing collectibles

Chicken coop turned into a stunning coffee table perfect for storing collectibles

Top 10 ways to repurpose and reuse old books

1. Create a book table lamp via bob vila

table lamp

2. DIY a nerdy chic book clutch via Caught on a Whim

book clutch

3. DIY book headboard via design every day

book headboard

4. Create a book bag via CountryLiving


5. Turn books into a one-of-a-kind coat rack via Knick of Time

coat rack

6. Recycle books into a shelving unit via Southern Mess

shelving unit

7. Frame quotes from old book pages via Life as a Thrifter



8. Decoupage a dresser via Mod Podge Rocks


9. Decorate your light switch via homedit

light switch

10. Turn mags to stool via apartment therapy


10-Minute Pumpkin Spice Soap

Pumpkin Pie Spice Soap

Last week I came across this recipe of a 10-minute Pumpkin Spice Soap on Pinterest by Heidi of Happiness is Homemade and was hooked instantly. I do agree everything homemade translates into happiness. And since I have this fear the world may come to an end during my lifetime, I might as well catch up on all the tricks and trade of making/growing/creating everything on my own while I can! And sooo speaks my love for zombies and The Walking Dead…

Besides learning how to grow vegetables, I want to be able to create my own au naturel facial remedies, bathing goods and cleaning supplies. This is the first step to my magnifique plan – it’s simple, quick and doable.

Follow the step-by-step instructions on Heidi’s blog and if it helps, refer to my “rookie” tips below to guide you through this tutorial.

Here’s what I used for this project:


and here are my final soaps!!!


I’m smelling them as we speak and I love the scent! Reminds me of Autumn!

Can’t wait to give these away as Holiday gifts. And if you have kids, these make awesome gifts for teachers. I already wrapped a sneak peek for my sister!


DIYers! Always, and I mean ALWAYS, keep your supplies close and your patience level closer to you when it comes to DIYing!!! And remember, doesn’t matter if it’s a 10-minute, 30-minute or 1-hour project, expect it to last longer if you are attempting at it for the first time. These projects are being performed by seasoned crafters who have been doing this for a long time. You will catch yourself in the 2nd hour of a 1-hour project at some point, trust me on that!

  • Soap base overheat saga – I followed the original directions to melt soap cubes in the microwave in 30-second increments, however, after the 2nd 30-second increment, I noticed cubes remained intact so I made the hasty decision to heat them for 1 minute. I ended up with an almost boiling soap mix which is not good as boiling made the soap mix settle quickly, clump up and stick to the bowl. The idea here is to slowly melt the soap cubes so please, be not impatient like me, and start your melting process in 30- to not more than 45-second increments – better to increase your frequency of increments not the allotted time of each. I believe my blooper is the reason why I had to let my soap molds cool down for at least an hour.
  • Missing measuring spoon saga – Of course, I did not keep my supplies close to me so when it was time to add 2 tbsps of Pumpkin Pie Spice, I desperately searched my kitchen drawers for the measuring spoon only to finally remember I had broken the sucker during my last cooking disaster. So I had to resort to a normal tablespoon which is why I’m guessing I ended up using more spice, hence more coloring. See? Keep your supplies ready to go before your project!
  • OCD saga – I’m a sad sad sad perfectionist, so much that…


Know that nothing in life is perfect not even these cute little pumpkin’ed out soaps, take a deep breath, tread forward in life and pray the receivers of these soaps are not as OCD’ed out like you!


Halloween at The Residence

Halloween is no joke at our family premises. We take the holiday rather seriously, no face goes unnoticed, no candy goes untouched!

This year I decided to use Doll Face (below) as an inspiration for my “character” – DIY makeup shown here on my last week’s post titled Halloween-inspired DIY Makeup Tutorials.

Doll Face

Doll Face

The project was completed using random fake eye lashes from CVS, NYX White/Blanc Retractable Eyeliner (also from CVS), Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in ZeroMAC Lipstick Viva Glam I A71, MAC Auburn Lip Pencil, blush and mascara.

I successfully turned out looking like the demented neighborhood doll handing out candy!

The Demented Doll

The Demented Doll

Here are rest of family moments captured on Friday October 31st 2014…

The Gang

Sugar-Stuffed Gang

The Niece

Ninja Niece

The Sexy Sister

The Maleficent Sister

The Nephew

Ghoul Nephew

The Sisters

Sister Selfie

The Twins

Twin Superheroes

Witch Sister

Witch Sister

Ah! 362 more days to go!

Halloween-inspired DIY Makeup tutorials

These are manageable if you possess some sense of art…and makeup 🙂

I may try one of these this year!

via Pinterest



The Eye

The Eye

Dark Skeleton

Dark Skeleton

Skeleton Face

Skeleton Face



Lichtenstein Inspired

Lichtenstein Inspired

Dummy Mouth

Dummy Mouth

Doll Face

Doll Face

Broken Smile

Broken Smile

Zip Face

Zip Face – find tutorial here

Beautiful ways to organize your jewelry…

whippycake DIY jewelry board

This DIY jewelry board from inspires me to not just organize my jewelry in the most elegant manner but to also flood my closet with a lot more jewels than I need! The project is thorough and requires dedication with a bit of time but if you can afford all, the end product will mirror something like this which means you will be in jewel heaven:

whippycake DIY jewelry board whippycake DIY jewelry board whippycake DIY jewelry board whippycake DIY jewelry board whippycake DIY jewelry board

But…these days I’m lucky if I have time let alone dedication so if you’re like me scrambling for ideas “quick and cute”, try some of these other DIY jewelry organizing ways:

  • Sarah Ortega’s multi-purpose DIY cake platters are easy to make and let you display your stash of smaller pieces in a cute and quirky way


via tend

  •  The decoratrix blog shows us how necessary it is to flaunt bangles and save space simultaneously using plastic bottles and kitchen drawers

decoratrix decoratrix

via tend

  • Blogger Christine Marie shows us what Martha Stewart would do…quick, economical and worthy of display

ChristineMarie ChristineMarie ChristineMarie ChristineMarie ChristineMarie

via tend

  • I personally love the frame and lace combo shown on decor4all website. I believe all you need is a cheap frame from your local Goodwill store, leftover lace (or any fabric), a staple gun and voila!


Time to bring out the Martha Stewart in YOU!!!

Glittery Princess DIY

I’ve been eager to do this DIY project for the longest time – “GLITTER SHOES“!! I went on a quest to find Glittery shoe projects on Pinterest eons ago and had bookmarked a couple from LoveMaegan, a blogger I love love and love! Here are two of her simple projects: 1. DIY Glitter Cap Toe Shoes, and 2. Glitter Sneakers – Miu Miu Inspired. I also found this another Glitter shoe DIY on A Little Glass Box. Anyhow, projects aren’t that different from one another; they just give you a few designs to toggle with.

So as my little Princess’s (my niece’s) birthday approached, I had the perfect gift idea!!!

I started off with the basics:

  • Shoes
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam sponges (for glue & glitter application)
  • Glitter (silver & pink)
  • Cardboard box (to keep the mess at minimum)
  • Pink Ribbon (from Michael’s)

I embarked on the mission to create GLITTER SHOES for my Birthday Princess incorporating tips from all 3 DIY projects listed below. As the night progressed, I found myself a complete nervous wreck on the 5th hour of my 2-hour project and while I blew a big “whew” once I was finished with my prized craft, I realized I took no pictures of the project. Ah! The life of a rookie crafter!

The pictures suck but I promise the finished project was pretty awesome. My niece was all smiles and blushes, she wore the shoes in no time with no hesitation and I high-fived myself with 4 cupcakes and 5 macaroons baked by my awesome sister!

Happy Birthday Malai!!!

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