Best of the Web

And now I present to you the Best of the Web


  1. Loving these pillow designs by 5CHomeDecor on Etsy
  2. If you’re a movie buff or in the market to decorate your media room, you might just love these prints from Film the Blanks on your wall
  3. For someone whose daily ritual includes catching up on all things I find interesting, is exactly what my doctor ordered. It’s now the single placeholder for all stories and sites I care about. News delivered to me in just one click.
  4. for the environmentally conscious – product has sensors when plugged into your smartphone can measure EMF, radiation, humidity, nitrates in raw food as well as alcohol breath. Also check out their app for iPhone &  Android.
  5. Photography addicts, download the app Printic to create polaroids, photoboxes, calendars, posters and books right from your picture gallery in just one click

Introducing the “Best of the Web”

I have come to the conclusion that online shopping is a black hole of goodies for your wallet. I was one of those shoppers who found it necessary to put all my 5 senses to test when making a purchase so obviously online shopping wasn’t my forte. Confession: I do not have an Amazon Prime account…just yet! However, until recently say about a year ago, I found myself more willing to give up control of my 5 senses & befriend online shopping. The rest…is history!

So today I start a new line of posts titled “Best of the Web”. These are products or services I think are worth bookmarking or a friendly visit.

The intent is to have these posted every Monday but as you can obviously detect, I have not been a disciplined and punctual blogger (blogging is a full-time job yo!) Hence I’ll do my best to keep up with my own expectations although I advise, procrastination is one of my strengths!

1. For $79.97, Kate Spade Women’s Metro Holographic Turquoise Watch makes a stunner holiday gift. Although I’m fashionably late in suggesting a holiday gift but ladies if the return/exchange-holiday-gift process has begun then this is definitely an option worth considering!


2. Peacock lovers! This fancy Peacock Decorative Pillow by Marlo Lorenz Clara is bound to become a showstopper on your couch or bed. Head to Dillard’s with $45.00 if you want one.

Peacock Decorative Pillow

3. For Crafters, TheThriftShopper.Com is an equivalent of a candy store! A one-stop shop for all your thrift shopping needs hosts a national directory of thrift stores around the country. Aren’t you glad you just up’ed your vacay shopping budget by 100%!

4. InvisibleHand can notify you when a product, flight or rental car you’re browsing can be bought for less elsewhere. It’s 100% free with an app available for download on an iPhone.

5. You can never have enough options to shop for custom cards and invitations. Check out for a plethora of designs.