I’m obsessed with Clocks…

For someone who’s notorious for running late, that’s a mouthful!

But seriously, I am! So ask me how did this obsession start? Well, I’ve been on the hunt for everything and anything vintage. In designing the new house, I have discovered that my style is country vintage. Which brings up a real-life issue I’m encountering these days…the rents don’t like anything which predates their times and I don’t like anything invented during mine. So now we’re in a dilemma to find furniture belonging to a mutually-exclusive century and well…

Anyways, we’ll save this topic for another day…

…back to clocks. So…during my numerous trips to flea markets and antique stores and all-nighter reads through several vintage magazines, I noticed how a simple but unique clock can add a creative flare to the room at a minimal price. Sometimes to bring excitement back into a boring room, you only need to make minor adjustments. All you need is an imagination…and a subscription to Better Homes & Garden! We always think big! Like buying a huge piece of furniture or changing up the entire room. Sometimes a fresh paint, a new lighting fixture, fresh flowers, new cushions, updated curtains, or a wall hanging can revive a dull room.

And that’s how clocks grabbed my attention! Just like that!

So I took upon myself to hunt for unique clocks for the house, something which could translate into a signature focal point of the room.

Back in February I posted about a recycled turntable clock I purchased from Etsy seller Pixelthis. Let me tell you what a conversation piece this clock has managed to become! Almost everyone who visited my place asked me how I got my hands on it. Many studied it carefully for several minutes admiring it’s impeccable finish. I feel proud of myself just thinking about it!

So here are some clocks I figured may grab your attention. Trust me, there are enough in this post to cater to everyone’s taste!

Or…how about…(drum roll please!) buy these as gifts for your friends!!! These clocks will make awesome gifts!!! Your friends will love you for it…you could be the new hero in their lives!

I’m telling you, you should buy…

this Wooden Mechanical Clock for your I-Like-To-Fix-Everything-Myself buddy

360fly in water

which works like this…


this LED World Clock for the Travel-Savvy buddy


this Light Up Moon Clock for the Astronomy-Obsessed buddy


this Recycled Bike Crank Clock for your MS 150 Enthusiast buddy


this Recycled Bike Wheel & Tire Clock for your Bike-aholic buddy


this Recycled Record Player Clock for your Music Junkie buddy


this Recycled Kodak Camera Clock for your Photographer-Wanna-Be buddy


this Whatever Clock for your Sarcasm-Overload buddy


this Orbits Clock for the The-Aliens-Will-Abduct-Us-One-Day buddy


this Manifold Clock for your Weed-Smokin’ buddy


this Faux Books Clock for your Oprah-Book-Club buddy


this Eye Clock for your Paranoid buddy

0315 002(1) 0350(1)

this Sentence Maker Wall Clock for your Hooked-On-Inspirational-Quotes buddy

Guixe_Alessi_24h_sentence_maker_wall_clock Guixe_Alessi_Blank_wall_clock Guixe_Alessi_Blank_wall_clock_instruction

this Melting Clock for your Science-Geek buddy


this Pop Quiz Clock for your Math Teacher buddy

this Happy Time Fried Egg Wall Clock for your 24-Hour-Food-Network buddy


this History of Art MoMa Wall Clock for your artsy-fartsy buddy


this The Only Constant is Change Clock for your philosopher buddy 25198_zoom1this Unfinished Clock for your Procrastinating buddy (me!)


this Directors Edition Clock for your Netflix-Is-My-Date-This-Weekend buddy


…and last…but certainly not least…this Clock is made just for me!


Ok, that’s enough!

There you go, brilliant 2,345,900 gift ideas at your doorstep!!!

FiftyThree is blowing my mind away right now!

Great ideas start on paper!


Meet FiftyThree, the team which introduced mobile whiteboarding at the speed of thought!

Whether you’re sketching out a new product, a kitchen remodel, or a business plan, FiftyThree’s iPad tool kit helps you capture new ideas quickly and beautifully.

It’s as easy as diagram, fill and cut.

You don’t have to be an artist or someone with serious drawing skills to get started. Let their technology allow you your freedom of expression at the speed of thought.

Confused? I was as well when I first came across it. But start by watching the two videos below and then downloading the app for free on iTunes.

This is one wicked app!!! And a great gift for an art-loving friend!!! You don’t win the award for App Of The Year for a simple reason…

Some Creative Product Designs

…that may have slipped your radar!

Wooden Camera iPhone Case – $7.99

wooden camera iphone case

Retro Pointer Finger Cursor Icon Pixel Mouse – $18.42


Zombie Cookie Jar Head – $39.95

zombie cookie jar

Pick Your Nose Party Cups – $9.00

pick your nose

Grandfather’s Ice Tray – $6.99

ice tray

Collapsible Bucket – $29.99 (I need about a dozen of these!)

collapsible bucket

Macbook Air Cover Decal – $19.94

macbook cover

Glass Cream Carton – $24.99

glass carton

Coke Can Glass – $6.77 (pack of 4)

coke can glass

Twist Whisk – $10.00


Really Cool Rolling Pins – prices vary, via the Etsy Shop

cool rolling pins

rolling pin1 rolling pin2

iPhone Keyboard Dock – $9.99

iphone keyboard

Tetris Sticky Notes – $9.26

sticky notes

Head Tissue Box Cover – $17.95

head tissue box

iPad Arcade Cabinet – $59.99

iPad arcade

Digital Peephole Viewer – $88.84

Digital peephole viewer

Mini Shopping Cart Organizer – $3.19

mini shopping cart organizer

Salt n Pepper Switch Dispenser – $10.89

salt n pepper

Kate Spade Salt & Pepper Phone Dispenser – $26.99

kate spade salt pepper