Amazon Picked The 100 Best Books of 2014

Ok, I admit, this is about half a year late! Don’t ask me why. I swear I stashed away away this article in my queue back in November to then share it on my blog. But of course, randomness in my head quadrupled around the beginning of the year and I was all over the place with my DIY’ing, traveling, yoga’ing, blogging and house hunting. Reading took a back seat in my life. I just felt a gulp of guilt run up my throat by simply uttering those 8 words. Honestly, reading should always be one of the priorities in everyone’s life. Your mind has to get its exercise and what better way to work it then indulging in a good read.

So having said that, if you’re in the market shopping for a good read and not limited to new releases then dive into this list of Amazon’s 100 Best Books of 2014. I did. I have my own opinions. Don’t necessarily agree with all their selections, for instance, it will take me most likely a full century to get to Lena Dunham’s memoir book “Not That Kind Of Girl” because…personally… I don’t like anything which comes out of or is associated with Lena Dunham. But then again, it’s a personal taste kinda thing. On the hind side, I was totally unaware of Celeste Ng’s debut novel “Everything I Never Told You”, story about the struggles of an Asian-American family in Ohio after finding the body of their star student daughter at the bottom of the lake. This book also topped Amazon’s list giving Celeste Ng an unexpected glimpse of limelight in the rookie world of writing. It is also making its way into my Amazon shopping cart as we speak!

Behind every stack of books, there is a flood of knowledge

“Behind every stack of books is a flood of knowledge” – Eddie Conlon