11 Craziest Beauty Tips!!


via Better Homes & Garden

Alright, when I saw this article on BHG, I knew I had to share!

I’ll admit, I’ve heard of a few but some were completely shocking. But hey! If they work, who’s to complain…

so let’s get started…

The Tip: Put Toothpaste on a Pimple

The claim: The ingredients in your toothpaste such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol will dry up a zit — fast.

The Tip: Wash Your Face with Beer

The claim: It’s said to exfoliate dead skin cells and reduce acne-causing bacteria.

The Tip: Depuff Eyes with Preparation-H

The claim: The same active ingredient that shrinks your hemorrhoids can shrink your under eye bags.

The Tip: Give Yourself a Facial With Pepto Bismol

The claim: The chalky pink stomach remedy is said to clear acne when worn as a facial mask.

The Tip: Wash Your Hair with Coca-Cola

The claim: This tip went mainstream after model Suki Waterhouse admitted to swapping out her shampoo for the sugary soda. She says rinsing with the bubbling beverage gives her hair body and tousled texture.

The Tip: Add Aspirin to Your Shampoo

The claim: The headache remedy, all crushed up, can dissolve away flaky dead skin cells.

For more information on each tip as well as to catch the remaining crazy tips, definitely read this BHG article!!


How to wear glitter eye makeup

I love the feel of glitter on skin during winter time, not sure why! Maybe because it’s the only time of the year when I’m guaranteed Houston humidity won’t melt it away!

Here are a couple of ways you can apply glitter eye makeup. If you don’t reside in Houston, you can get away with glitter all year round!

golden glitter

Golden glitter can accentuate a red-lipstick look for a weekend night out!

pink glitter

or pop up this look with a nude shade on the lip!

black glitter

Give a new meaning to smokey eye makeup!

glitter pencil

Or if you’re not feeling glitter all over your eye, play around with a glittery eye pencil…

Here’s how you can go about applying glitter eye makeup:

how to apply

via The Beauty Thesis

I’ve already tried the glittery eye pencil look. Bought a green one from Sephora a while back. When I don’t have time for a full-blown eye makeup, lining my eye liner with it does the job.

Look forward to trying other looks…do you?