…and here comes 2016!

Dear 2015,

You weren’t perfect.

You weren’t easy.

But you were appreciated

and a chance at life I was grateful for!

You gave me family, friends, more family, a lovable job and a home!

You let me struggle with health to realize all that matters in life is good health.

You took me to places I had only imagined and wished to explore.

I may not be where I need to be…

Yet I know deep down I’m getting there…

But…what is “there”? Well, it’s just another junction you arrive at to get to where you need to go next!

Lessons Learned?

I can tell you that


I have come undone but there’s still lots of space to grow…


It’s the little things that count!


Words are a way to show to the world you have progressed, as a human being.


Actions prove it!

Game of Thrones


I will continue to pray for patience & wisdom. Can never have too much of either.

Sargasm - word of the day

(…and hope less for ^…I’ll try!)

I shall persist no matter what.


(I’m the chick in the yellow jumpsuit btw!)

Persist, of course, with grace, dignity & style!


In spite of my Cancerian genes kicking in!


So 2016, I shall look forward to thee!


Smiling and dancing! Yes! Dancing! It’s good for the soul…


PS: and thank you for Mad Max!


The movie…kicked…ass!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!


Something we learned in 2015…

center of universe

We are NOT the center of the Universe

We are all interconnected

We are not so different from each other

We share the same planet

In the end

We all strive for a better life

which is

To live with dignity!

Do good and good shall come back to you

And keep fighting to become a better version of yourself!

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

The end of fear, ignorance and pride almost never ceases well!

Shut Up and Be Patient

road to infinity

“And this is life. This is part of the bargain. The universe says, “Hey, guess what? You get to exist!” And we say, “Holy shit! That’s great!” not realizing that existence is, by definition, a merciless and unending foray into the unknown.” Mark Manson, Shut Up and Be Patient

Every now & then I lose sight of what can or can’t be controlled.

Until Mark Manson steps in to slap me back to reality!

If you have not read his shit, you’re missing out on some real shit!

So stop stressing, Shut Up and Be Patient!

ps: umm read that article!!!

Amazon Picked The 100 Best Books of 2014

Ok, I admit, this is about half a year late! Don’t ask me why. I swear I stashed away away this article in my queue back in November to then share it on my blog. But of course, randomness in my head quadrupled around the beginning of the year and I was all over the place with my DIY’ing, traveling, yoga’ing, blogging and house hunting. Reading took a back seat in my life. I just felt a gulp of guilt run up my throat by simply uttering those 8 words. Honestly, reading should always be one of the priorities in everyone’s life. Your mind has to get its exercise and what better way to work it then indulging in a good read.

So having said that, if you’re in the market shopping for a good read and not limited to new releases then dive into this list of Amazon’s 100 Best Books of 2014. I did. I have my own opinions. Don’t necessarily agree with all their selections, for instance, it will take me most likely a full century to get to Lena Dunham’s memoir book “Not That Kind Of Girl” because…personally… I don’t like anything which comes out of or is associated with Lena Dunham. But then again, it’s a personal taste kinda thing. On the hind side, I was totally unaware of Celeste Ng’s debut novel “Everything I Never Told You”, story about the struggles of an Asian-American family in Ohio after finding the body of their star student daughter at the bottom of the lake. This book also topped Amazon’s list giving Celeste Ng an unexpected glimpse of limelight in the rookie world of writing. It is also making its way into my Amazon shopping cart as we speak!

Behind every stack of books, there is a flood of knowledge

“Behind every stack of books is a flood of knowledge” – Eddie Conlon


Let these words sink…


These words sit deep with me.

The person I am today is because of the choices I made in my 20s with so much thrown at me and so very little I knew.

It wasn’t easy living through those choices but I thank the 20-something year old me for taking risks and defying the conventional.

I say this because from time to time I have friends in their 20s open up to me about their outlook on life. I see so much motivation and ambition. I sense determination. I hear dreams. But what I don’t see is imagination. I don’t see spontaneity. I don’t see risks. Maybe because we now live in times where we believe we have control over almost anything around us. There are so many venues to explore. So many options to choose from. But with so many choices comes clutter. And clutter clouds our judgment sometimes. Causes confusion. Hinders imagination. Sometimes you have to breath and just…let…go. Not every step has to be calculated. Not every door has to be knocked down. Not every path has to be walked on. Leave space for the unexpected. Don’t let life get to you. Because the best doesn’t come until much later.

Be spontaneous. Be practical. Be hopeful. Be joyful. But most of all, be at peace with yourself. Your older self will thank you one day!

Things that make me go hmmmmm

When the sky is clear, the air is pure and the day is sunny, unexpectedly happens…

a love story

I frequently discover that…

divorce rate among socks

When you annoy me…

I hope you step on a lego

I have come to realize…

like steve martins hot dog buns - use gif

My constant battle with a few folks…

ringer horror

Size does not matter!


My sentiments on the future of our society…

stupid people

I look forward to mastering the art of…


My after-thoughts following a visit to my Facebook daily feed…

the english language

Sometimes I feel like telling…

we fed up

My world would be a better place if I could do this on the left lane of the freeway…every morning…


(no offense to Prius drivers!!!)

Word of the Day


in the water

(n.) “cloud walker”; one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams, or one who does not obey the conventions of society, literature, or art.

Something I do a lot of in the shower!

Speaking of showers, are you guilty of manifesting the weirdest thoughts in your head under the heavy forces of the water?

Try the blog Shower Thoughts. I promise whoever is behind this source of craziness deserves a medal!

Here are a few shower thoughts reblogged from…well…Shower Thoughts:

 The Internet is the most successful Sun-Cancer Prevention Scheme of all time.

Since celery is 90% water, if I tried walking on it, I’d be 90% like Jesus.

Everyone in my family has sucked on my mom’s breasts.

Most people hate the sound of their own voice yet don’t mind the smell of their own farts.

Apple used to use the slogan “think different” but now tons of people have the same exact laptops.

April Fools Day is probably the best time to tell a kid they’re adopted. If they take it well it’s a success, if they take it particularly badly or can’t cope with it then you can disguise it as a joke. Perfect way to test the water.

Nutflix would be a great name for a porn site.

The fact that there’s a stairway to heaven and a highway to hell tells you a lot about the anticipated traffic.

If you have a sibling older than you with the same gender, your parents probably like their name more.

Somewhere out there is a really tall person named Richard who is literally the biggest Dick in the world.

…and my personal favorite:

When a Saudi man uses Siri for directions a woman is telling him what to do.

Shower Thoughts is just genius!