…and here comes 2016!

Dear 2015,

You weren’t perfect.

You weren’t easy.

But you were appreciated

and a chance at life I was grateful for!

You gave me family, friends, more family, a lovable job and a home!

You let me struggle with health to realize all that matters in life is good health.

You took me to places I had only imagined and wished to explore.

I may not be where I need to be…

Yet I know deep down I’m getting there…

But…what is “there”? Well, it’s just another junction you arrive at to get to where you need to go next!

Lessons Learned?

I can tell you that


I have come undone but there’s still lots of space to grow…


It’s the little things that count!


Words are a way to show to the world you have progressed, as a human being.


Actions prove it!

Game of Thrones


I will continue to pray for patience & wisdom. Can never have too much of either.

Sargasm - word of the day

(…and hope less for ^…I’ll try!)

I shall persist no matter what.


(I’m the chick in the yellow jumpsuit btw!)

Persist, of course, with grace, dignity & style!


In spite of my Cancerian genes kicking in!


So 2016, I shall look forward to thee!


Smiling and dancing! Yes! Dancing! It’s good for the soul…


PS: and thank you for Mad Max!


The movie…kicked…ass!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!


Something we learned in 2015…

center of universe

We are NOT the center of the Universe

We are all interconnected

We are not so different from each other

We share the same planet

In the end

We all strive for a better life

which is

To live with dignity!

Do good and good shall come back to you

And keep fighting to become a better version of yourself!

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

The end of fear, ignorance and pride almost never ceases well!

Shut Up and Be Patient

road to infinity

“And this is life. This is part of the bargain. The universe says, “Hey, guess what? You get to exist!” And we say, “Holy shit! That’s great!” not realizing that existence is, by definition, a merciless and unending foray into the unknown.” Mark Manson, Shut Up and Be Patient

Every now & then I lose sight of what can or can’t be controlled.

Until Mark Manson steps in to slap me back to reality!

If you have not read his shit, you’re missing out on some real shit!

So stop stressing, Shut Up and Be Patient!

ps: umm read that article!!!

I’m sooooo not a morning person!

2016 is not even here but I already know what my new year resolution will be. To become a dedicated morning person! I’m determined to do that next year even though I’m a confirmed night owl. I come from a family, I mean generations of night owls. I feel alive after dusk. Bed is my favorite place in the world after dawn. Well…all that is set to change in a matter of months. I’m giving myself a 3-month grace period to embrace and enjoy my night owl-ness as much as I can before I let go of an inherited habit.

Meanwhile, I gotta get creative in helping me become a morning person! Apps? Crazy alarm clocks? Anything to put an end to my infamous snooze fest!

So what do you think of these?

Walk Me Up is an App which forces you to walk a number of steps before the alarm will shut off. OMG I’ll be so annoyed each morning!

walk me app2walk me app


Or how about invest in an alarm clock I have to chase to shut if off. This clocky rolling alarm clock jumps into the air and runs off on carpet or wood once the snooze button is pushed! I’ll be a sight to see every morning!

alarm chase

Either way, I know I’m going to need one of these!

shhh cup

I think I will be ok if 2016 takes its time to come around!


via Buzzfeed

The Power of Forgiveness


I will admit. If there is one thing I have struggled with on few occasions is forgiveness. Imagine someone you trust wrongs you and then spares no apology. Their lack of empathy fuels three strong words in your head: “How dare they?” Emotions linger and soon hurt turns into anger: “Who the hell they think they are!” Anger provokes revenge: “I’m going to teach them a lesson!” Revenge drags you down the path of damaging the perpetrator only to find out the same path has turned you into one. As Confucious wisely quoted: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

Earlier this year I read an article on The Atlantic – “The Forgiveness Boost“. Beautiful and insightful piece about, well, forgiveness.

“When someone holds a grudge, their body courses with high levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. When cortisol surges at chronically high levels for long periods of time, Worthington says, it can reduce brain size, sex drive, and digestive ability.”

Sometimes you forgive a person not because they deserve it but because you deserve your inner peace. Not letting go will only weigh you down in the long run. Plus…

“Making amends with those who trespass against us yields a number of physical and mental benefits. Sometimes even victims of the worst crimes can find solace in letting go.”

Perhaps we can learn a lesson or two by reading about Worthington’s journey in this article!

This is who I am!

As I shop for a new home, I can’t help but wonder…if this is who I am!

The Folksy Bohemian

Paris Fashio Week - Valentino


Free People






















Eid Mubarak!!!!

virtual hug

…to all my fellow Muslims!!!

Guys!! Today we EAT during the day … wooooooooooo hooooooooooo!!!

Muslims be like


This will be ME at the Eid Prayers


…and ME right after the Eid Prayers!


Right?! I mean admit it! We all know where we heading right after the prayers…to EID BRUNCHES, LUNCHES, SNACKS, DINNERS, DESSERT ROUNDS, LATE NIGHT DINNER RUNS, LATE NIGHT DESSERT ROUNDS!!!


Clearly my sole purpose to show up at every Eid invitation


but wishfully hoping I get other surprises besides 63 entree options to choose from like, you know,


At least no more Ramadan breath!


And we can kiss goodbye to awkward Ramadan questions

no water


Just don’t forget to be grateful to The One and Only, The Almighty, for blessing us with another year of this beautiful month!

C’mon I mean even Kanye’s got my back on this!

kanye gif

kanye tumblr

PEACE to everyone on this Planet Earth and to anyone else out there watching us!!!

“I Am A Pakistani And I Will Only Put Up A Rainbow DP When…”

This is the title of the article written by Zermina Naveed in Parhlo.com.

I dedicate this article to my Pakistani fellows back home. Wouldn’t you agree we have bigger issues to counter rather then wasting our breath condemning laws passed in other countries where the outcome of those laws probably will never impact your daily life?

Zermina says, “If these things happen in our society, I will celebrate my heart out! I will only put up a rainbow DP when…

1. Our society will start tolerating and accepting inter-sect and inter-cast marriages!



2. When younger guys will be able to marry older women without being judged!


3. When taking dowry will be considered a crime!


4. When the mentality will change from “Doctor bahu who makes gol roti” to “Achi seerat wali larki”!



5. When the divorce taboo on a female is removed!




6. When people will start understanding that…


These are just a few I’ve shared from Zermina’s article. Please go read more here.

When did we become a society when what is “on” us takes precedence over what is “in” us. Religion everywhere was sent to elevate us into becoming better human beings. The Message should teach us to spread love and become more tolerant and respectful towards each other. It doesn’t mean you have to necessarily agree with what others do and how they choose to live their lives. Our job is to tolerate and lead by example and let God be the Judge. Unfortunately in this day and age, the compass of morality is measured on how long the sunnah beard is or how covered our heads or our faces are, neither of which God cared to mention in His Book. Yet we have become immune to intolerance, atrocities and injustice in our own homes, actions which God repeatedly condemned. Given the state of the world, frankly speaking, LGBT lifestyle should be the least of your worries!