DIY Hair Tutorial with a Pearl Necklace

This is pretty slick!


11 Craziest Beauty Tips!!


via Better Homes & Garden

Alright, when I saw this article on BHG, I knew I had to share!

I’ll admit, I’ve heard of a few but some were completely shocking. But hey! If they work, who’s to complain…

so let’s get started…

The Tip: Put Toothpaste on a Pimple

The claim: The ingredients in your toothpaste such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol will dry up a zit — fast.

The Tip: Wash Your Face with Beer

The claim: It’s said to exfoliate dead skin cells and reduce acne-causing bacteria.

The Tip: Depuff Eyes with Preparation-H

The claim: The same active ingredient that shrinks your hemorrhoids can shrink your under eye bags.

The Tip: Give Yourself a Facial With Pepto Bismol

The claim: The chalky pink stomach remedy is said to clear acne when worn as a facial mask.

The Tip: Wash Your Hair with Coca-Cola

The claim: This tip went mainstream after model Suki Waterhouse admitted to swapping out her shampoo for the sugary soda. She says rinsing with the bubbling beverage gives her hair body and tousled texture.

The Tip: Add Aspirin to Your Shampoo

The claim: The headache remedy, all crushed up, can dissolve away flaky dead skin cells.

For more information on each tip as well as to catch the remaining crazy tips, definitely read this BHG article!!

How to wear glitter eye makeup

I love the feel of glitter on skin during winter time, not sure why! Maybe because it’s the only time of the year when I’m guaranteed Houston humidity won’t melt it away!

Here are a couple of ways you can apply glitter eye makeup. If you don’t reside in Houston, you can get away with glitter all year round!

golden glitter

Golden glitter can accentuate a red-lipstick look for a weekend night out!

pink glitter

or pop up this look with a nude shade on the lip!

black glitter

Give a new meaning to smokey eye makeup!

glitter pencil

Or if you’re not feeling glitter all over your eye, play around with a glittery eye pencil…

Here’s how you can go about applying glitter eye makeup:

how to apply

via The Beauty Thesis

I’ve already tried the glittery eye pencil look. Bought a green one from Sephora a while back. When I don’t have time for a full-blown eye makeup, lining my eye liner with it does the job.

Look forward to trying other looks…do you?

12 Ultimate Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Check out these 12 easy life-changing beauty hacks from fellow blogger Maria from The Dirty Chic Diary.

For instance, did you know that…


If you want your perfume to last longer, before applying it smear first some Vaseline in the desirable areas and afterwards apply your perfume!



Powder your eyelashes with regular baby powder and then apply mascara to add extra volume to your eyelashes.

Click here to read more of her fabulous tips on hair, skin and makeup!


Women who ruled the street style scene first!

After watching only part of the VMAs this year (because to watch all of it would have been the ultimate test of patience), I couldn’t help but wonder how royally we have screwed up the definition of the word “edgy”. Because if we find Miley Cyrus’s awkward, high-school’ish antics or Nicki Minaj’s daring wardrobe “edgy” then we have no concept of where the word originated from or what brought about its existence in the first place.

So let me take you back in time when women kept the “classy” alive and well without the urge to bare it all. Watch how the world’s perception of the word “edgy” has changed and how fashion has evolved over the years.

via Harper’s Bazaar

Simone D'Aillencourt in Lower Manhattan, 1950s

Simone D’Aillencourt in Lower Manhattan, 1950s



On the street in Paris, from a shoot that first appeared in Harper's BAZAAR in the 1950s

On the street in Paris, from a shoot that first appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR in the 1950s

New York, 1960

New York, 1960

Muriel Oxford Dorville

Muriel Oxford Dorville

Models pose in Pierre Cardin looks, 1980

Models pose in Pierre Cardin looks, 1980

Model Shakira Caine in West London, 1976

Model Shakira Caine in West London, 1976



London, 1971

London, 1971

Jill Leslie and Patricia Donald Smith wear Dior, 1966

Jill Leslie and Patricia Donald Smith wear Dior, 1966

House of Worth evening suits, 1969

House of Worth evening suits, 1969

Christian Dior coats

Christian Dior coats

A woman wearing snakeskin waistcoat, 1971

A woman wearing snakeskin waistcoat, 1971

A woman wearing Chanel, 1980

A woman wearing Chanel, 1980

A model poses in New York, 1952

A model poses in New York, 1952

A Dior hat, 1955

A Dior hat, 1955

A couple at Penn Station

A couple at Penn Station





I wish I could transport some of this fashion back into today’s world!

DIY: This 3-Ingredient Serum Will Give You Thicker Brows


According to Wilson, “Apply a mixture of castor oil, vitamin E, and argan oil each night by rubbing it into the brow with a Q-tip or your finger, and keep it on until morning. Pay attention to the areas where you are no longer growing new or thick hair. It’s an old beauty secret we’ve been using at the salon to help clients achieve a fuller brow and even out hair. Clients usually see results in a few months.” A few months is a small price to pay for getting your brows back!

I can vouch for the magic behind castor oil. Get this: growing up, every night before going to sleep, my dad would apply castor oil to our eye lashes (by “our” I mean me & my 2 sisters). There’s a reason we ended up with thick lashes! These tips work! Lately my eyebrows have been slimming down much to my dismay. So I resorted to old school remedies and started the castor oil treatment on my brows. Within a week I’ve noticed a difference!

Read more here

This is who I am!

As I shop for a new home, I can’t help but wonder…if this is who I am!

The Folksy Bohemian

You got me @justinablakeney I am a Folksy Bohemian through and through. The Bohemian Bible has arrived #TheNewBohoBook

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Paris Fashio Week - Valentino


Free People





















Seriously??! I want these NOW!!!

I’d like to present to you one of the BEST (soon-to-be) inventions of our times – Fondue Slippers!!!

Fondue Slippers

Inspired by the draping effect of fondue cheese, Tokyo-based designer Satsuki Ohata came up with idea of “Fondue Slippers”—a moldable footwear that gives the users the feeling of walking around barefoot (of course a Japanese…I’m not surprised! They’re just brilliant!) He named it “Fondue Slippers” because the production process is similar to that of cheese fondue. Here’s how these slippers will work (mind you this is Satsuki’s concept as of now and is currently undergoing production. But when these suckers come out, you damn well know I am visiting Japan all over again just to get my hands on these!):

You just dip your foot and then let it dry. That’s it!


This is NOT cheese!


Once dried, you can use the kit to develop as many slippers as your heart desires:

fondue1 (1)

Wear them while doing your mundane house chores: (no more dirty socks!)


Wear them while relaxing, having a cup of tea and watching your favorite shows on DVR:


Hell even go to work wearing them:


Customize as you like: (put your creative genes to action!)


And wash them as many times as you like:


The best part is they fit to your feet, perfectly!


Here’s my future kit:


umm hmmmh you can thank me later!

No Sew DIY Shirts to Skirts, in Seconds

You know I may give these ideas a try.

Although I have a strong feeling my bulging bootie will rip the shirt before I even make it out the door!

Good luck my skinny bitches!

But honestly, jokes aside, before you throw out an old shirt, get creative…see how you can repurpose it into different looks.