3 Easy Mason Jar Hacks

Yeah, I’m kinda obsessed with Mason Jars…

Can’t blame me. They¬†are pretty damn versatile. And¬†their charm remains universal.

Watch WhatsUpMoms transform simple mason jars into 3 cool items you can use around the house!

Tomorrow I’ll share what this lady can do with Diet Coke cans!!

BTW I tend to share DIY projects that are doable for an average person (like me!) Trust me, not everything on Pinterest is as easy as they make it seem. If you have not incurred a few Pinterest fails by now, you are too damn perfect and we cannot be friends!



12 Ultimate Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Check out these 12 easy life-changing beauty hacks from fellow blogger Maria from The Dirty Chic Diary.

For instance, did you know that…


If you want your perfume to last longer, before applying it smear first some Vaseline in the desirable areas and afterwards apply your perfume!



Powder your eyelashes with regular baby powder and then apply mascara to add extra volume to your eyelashes.

Click here to read more of her fabulous tips on hair, skin and makeup!

Online DIY and Sewing classes for just $20!


A few years ago I¬†took basic sewing classes and realized how easy sewing is! Trust me I’m no seasoned crafter. I run out of patience fairly quickly. There is a list of DIY’s gone bad in my rolodex. Encountering physics seemed a relatively easier task¬†then learning how to sew until…well…I actually learned how to sew. Couple of days of basic sewing and I was off to making skirts and blouses.

But here’s the deal. If you’re like me and craving to learn how to sew, you already know that you have to reserve at least 8 hours to two full days of basic training. Unfortunately some¬†of us do not have the luxury of spare time especially working moms.

Which is why when I ran into these online sewing classes I was like wow, this is pretty awesome! For just $20 anyone can learn the simple techniques of sewing at their own pace!

I’ve included the link to the intro video below. See what you think. If you like, you can buy¬†the class here.

Brit+Co. offers additional¬†training classes if you’re in the market to freshen up or pick up¬†other crafting abilities.

How to repurpose an old ladder…

…into a focal point in your house!

Decorating your house shouldn’t have to be cumbersome or heavy on your wallet.¬†There are many simple ways to easily transform someone’s junk into your own treasure.

Let’s take a ladder for instance, an item which probably lingers around in your garage to help clean the¬†chimney once a year. Well now you can proudly pop up¬†that ladder into¬†your living room, bedroom or bathroom and watch it¬†become a conversation starter. All can be done with few minor touch ups, I promise!

And here’s how you can do it!


via BHG

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via Etsy

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Living Room

source unknown

source unknown

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Laundry Room/Other

DIY: This 3-Ingredient Serum Will Give You Thicker Brows


According to Wilson, ‚ÄúApply a mixture of castor oil, vitamin E, and argan oil each night by rubbing it into the brow with a Q-tip or your finger, and keep it on until morning. Pay attention to the areas where you are no longer growing new or thick hair. It‚Äôs an old beauty secret we‚Äôve been using at the salon to help clients achieve a fuller brow and even out hair. Clients usually see results in a few months.‚ÄĚ A few months is a small price to pay for getting your brows back!

I can vouch for the magic behind castor oil. Get this: growing up, every night before going to sleep, my dad would apply castor oil to our eye lashes (by “our” I mean me & my 2 sisters). There’s a reason we ended up with thick lashes! These tips work! Lately my eyebrows have been slimming down much to my dismay. So I resorted¬†to old school remedies and started the castor oil treatment on my brows. Within a week I’ve noticed a difference!

Read more here

DIY Vanity Storage Jars/Brush Holders

How many of you frequently trash those 3-wick candle jars from Bath & Body Works?!

And what if I told you there was a way to transform those jars from this:

candle jar

to this:

vanity storage

Watch blogger The Glam Vice transform candle jars into vanity storage jars in just a few steps. This project is so easy, you can recycle these jars to use for almost any type of storage in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. You name it!

Always think before you recycle!

No Sew DIY Shirts to Skirts, in Seconds

You know I may give these ideas a try.

Although I have a strong feeling my bulging bootie will rip the shirt before I even make it out the door!

Good luck my skinny bitches!

But honestly, jokes aside, before you throw out an old shirt, get creative…see how you can repurpose it into different looks.