For your next dinner party with friends…

Absolutely loving this deck of 56 cards by Sub Rosa to create some very deep and interesting dinner party conversations with friends. Grab your wine, let loose and explore your empathetic side. I’m definitely ordering me one.


Interesting Mobile Apps you want on your phone!

It’s great that all my shopping stores now offer convenient apps so the need to actually physically walk into the store appears to be diminishing. The not-so-great thing is I find myself cruising these apps during a busy Monday and buying things I don’t need as means of relaxation. Which really isn’t all that relaxing once you receive the credit card bill. So I’ve decided next year I will aim to download less of the shopping apps and more of the useful, productive, educational, fun apps. Taking a break from life doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

As I’m shopping for some interesting apps out there, I find these and I’m like wait, these are pretty cool. Does anyone else know about these?

Reporter app

Reporter: Have you ever wanted to track the minutae of your life? You know, how many cups of coffee you’ve drank in a year, or which of your friends you’ve seen the most? Reporter, by Facebook Timeline Designer Nicholas Felton, can send you custom quizzes six times a day to find out, then graph the results. Hmmm I’m curious and scared at the same time. Not sure how I feel about a service telling me politely at the end of the year how I’ve managed to not have a life!

Panic Button app

Panic Button: You can call 911 from a smartphone’s lock screen, but Amnesty International has built something better for reporters in dangerous areas. (Or anyone with an Android phone, really.) It’s a Panic Button that you can activate in case of an emergency just by clicking the power button on your phone several times. It will send alerts and location data to three selected contacts. Don’t be messin’ with it unless you absolutely have to!

Foodscores app

Foodscores: Looks beyond a nutrition label and rates your grub on a scale of 1 – 10 based on nutrition (the standard calories, fat, and protein stuff); ingredients (including undisclosed pesticides, contaminants, or antibiotics); and processing (how far has that product come from its source whole foods). Nothing is hidden from their database of 80,000 products. You don’t want to know how they feel about Kellogg’s Corn Flakes either!

OK well…these are good for today…unless you’re hungry for more…then you may want to check out my previous posts on:  productivity apps, travel apps and other fun apps. Enjoy!


If you love chocolates…and taking pictures…and winning big…well…

…meet Cocoagraph!

Artist-turned-Chocolataire Rae Vittorelli discovered she could combine her love for fashion, photography and vintage aesthetic into one medium: chocolate! So she founded Cocoagraph: The Original Chocolate Photograph Co.

What is it about?

Well, you get a taste of her custom photo bars which are artisan chocolates printed with edible Polaroid-style photographs. Imagine what a hit these would be at your next slumber party!



or, you can surprise your BFF with a box of Chocstagram Instagram bars to reminisce over those good old traveling memories:

chocstagram-instagram-bars1  or, win some serious marketing points at your upcoming company event by handing out delicious company logo bars to potential clients. After all, chocolate is the ultimate universal pleaser!


Options are plenty. There’s a gluten-free, milk, white or dark chocolate bar waiting for you whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day!

Screen-Shot-2015-07-07-at-11.16.49-PM-300x300 Screen-Shot-2015-07-07-at-11.18.05-PM-300x300 Screen-Shot-2015-07-07-at-11.45.45-PM-300x300 Screen-Shot-2015-07-07-at-11.45.55-PM-300x300

Who can deny even when Oprah is all over it!


Don’t you think this is fabulous?

Best of the Web

This week, I’ll share with you a few awesome things I found on the web. I may be a late bloomer so if you already knew about these from like high school days please excuse my tardiness. I’m an 80’s child so I’m guilty of lagging on the world wide web bandwagon!

But honestly, I’m excited to share what I have in store for you…and we have a little bit for everyone.



and here we go!

ImageProxyToday’s focus is on Unroll.Me. Wait…before I begin, I need a moment! Where was this service 2 weeks ago??!? That’s all I gotta say! “Torture” is the appropriate term which comes to mind when I think of the effort I put in to rid my inbox of excessive “stuff” I subscribe to. Here’s how the story commences: back in the day when the World Wide Web was kicking off, Ms. Quaintrelleoquist couldn’t keep her paws off subscribing to all kinds of sh*t out there. Decades later, staring at an overly-excessive string of emails in her inbox daily would give her gastritis. And the thought of unsubscribing from each email one by one by one by…would erupt her ulcer. But she sucked it up and sailed away on the mission anyways! Until her inbox was down to cero! Now if she had stumbled on Unroll.Me in time, her excruciating effort would have boiled down to a few clicks and minutes. Because that is exactly what Unroll.Me offers: it allows you to unsubscribe instantly from whatever you don’t want. And once you’re finished unsubscribing from what you don’t want, you can combine what you love into one email called the Rollup! I swear, reduce the noise, shrink the clutter…and be happy like the millions of users out there!

I already enrolled on Unroll!

Coming up next: Tomorrow we have something special for them chocolate lovers!

Something the Runners and Workout Enthusiasts would appreciate

Introducing FlipBelt from Runner and Founder of Level Terrain Apparel, Mia Do!

flipbelt flipbelt2

Where was this product when I used to run?

I think it’s pretty genius. It’s sleek, comfortable, form-fitting and designed to carry all your on-the-go essentials while your hands are free to workout. The belt is made of a moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial spandex-lycra blend which slips right on with no bulk or no bounce. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes (XS to XL) and is machine-washable.

This is how it fits everything around your waist:


This product can be purchased on FlipBelt’s website, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, AcademyBrookstone and REI.

For more information, watch this YouTube video.

I’m obsessed with Clocks…

For someone who’s notorious for running late, that’s a mouthful!

But seriously, I am! So ask me how did this obsession start? Well, I’ve been on the hunt for everything and anything vintage. In designing the new house, I have discovered that my style is country vintage. Which brings up a real-life issue I’m encountering these days…the rents don’t like anything which predates their times and I don’t like anything invented during mine. So now we’re in a dilemma to find furniture belonging to a mutually-exclusive century and well…

Anyways, we’ll save this topic for another day…

…back to clocks. So…during my numerous trips to flea markets and antique stores and all-nighter reads through several vintage magazines, I noticed how a simple but unique clock can add a creative flare to the room at a minimal price. Sometimes to bring excitement back into a boring room, you only need to make minor adjustments. All you need is an imagination…and a subscription to Better Homes & Garden! We always think big! Like buying a huge piece of furniture or changing up the entire room. Sometimes a fresh paint, a new lighting fixture, fresh flowers, new cushions, updated curtains, or a wall hanging can revive a dull room.

And that’s how clocks grabbed my attention! Just like that!

So I took upon myself to hunt for unique clocks for the house, something which could translate into a signature focal point of the room.

Back in February I posted about a recycled turntable clock I purchased from Etsy seller Pixelthis. Let me tell you what a conversation piece this clock has managed to become! Almost everyone who visited my place asked me how I got my hands on it. Many studied it carefully for several minutes admiring it’s impeccable finish. I feel proud of myself just thinking about it!

So here are some clocks I figured may grab your attention. Trust me, there are enough in this post to cater to everyone’s taste!

Or…how about…(drum roll please!) buy these as gifts for your friends!!! These clocks will make awesome gifts!!! Your friends will love you for it…you could be the new hero in their lives!

I’m telling you, you should buy…

this Wooden Mechanical Clock for your I-Like-To-Fix-Everything-Myself buddy

360fly in water

which works like this…


this LED World Clock for the Travel-Savvy buddy


this Light Up Moon Clock for the Astronomy-Obsessed buddy


this Recycled Bike Crank Clock for your MS 150 Enthusiast buddy


this Recycled Bike Wheel & Tire Clock for your Bike-aholic buddy


this Recycled Record Player Clock for your Music Junkie buddy


this Recycled Kodak Camera Clock for your Photographer-Wanna-Be buddy


this Whatever Clock for your Sarcasm-Overload buddy


this Orbits Clock for the The-Aliens-Will-Abduct-Us-One-Day buddy


this Manifold Clock for your Weed-Smokin’ buddy


this Faux Books Clock for your Oprah-Book-Club buddy


this Eye Clock for your Paranoid buddy

0315 002(1) 0350(1)

this Sentence Maker Wall Clock for your Hooked-On-Inspirational-Quotes buddy

Guixe_Alessi_24h_sentence_maker_wall_clock Guixe_Alessi_Blank_wall_clock Guixe_Alessi_Blank_wall_clock_instruction

this Melting Clock for your Science-Geek buddy


this Pop Quiz Clock for your Math Teacher buddy

this Happy Time Fried Egg Wall Clock for your 24-Hour-Food-Network buddy


this History of Art MoMa Wall Clock for your artsy-fartsy buddy


this The Only Constant is Change Clock for your philosopher buddy 25198_zoom1this Unfinished Clock for your Procrastinating buddy (me!)


this Directors Edition Clock for your Netflix-Is-My-Date-This-Weekend buddy


…and last…but certainly not least…this Clock is made just for me!


Ok, that’s enough!

There you go, brilliant 2,345,900 gift ideas at your doorstep!!!

I’m sooooo not a morning person!

2016 is not even here but I already know what my new year resolution will be. To become a dedicated morning person! I’m determined to do that next year even though I’m a confirmed night owl. I come from a family, I mean generations of night owls. I feel alive after dusk. Bed is my favorite place in the world after dawn. Well…all that is set to change in a matter of months. I’m giving myself a 3-month grace period to embrace and enjoy my night owl-ness as much as I can before I let go of an inherited habit.

Meanwhile, I gotta get creative in helping me become a morning person! Apps? Crazy alarm clocks? Anything to put an end to my infamous snooze fest!

So what do you think of these?

Walk Me Up is an App which forces you to walk a number of steps before the alarm will shut off. OMG I’ll be so annoyed each morning!

walk me app2walk me app


Or how about invest in an alarm clock I have to chase to shut if off. This clocky rolling alarm clock jumps into the air and runs off on carpet or wood once the snooze button is pushed! I’ll be a sight to see every morning!

alarm chase

Either way, I know I’m going to need one of these!

shhh cup

I think I will be ok if 2016 takes its time to come around!


via Buzzfeed

Etsy Find of the Day!

Taken keychain

Loving this TAKEN Keychain by Etsy seller giftforbestfriends! This keychain can be custom made with any name, date or symbols (with 23 symbols to choose from). Such a cute gift to give to your friend on their engagement, wedding or anniversary.

And it’s only $10!!!!

Changing the way people shop for mattresses

When I think of shopping for a mattress, my ulcer erupts all the way to my mouth! Because that would require me to walk into a boring room and get hassled by a pushy salesperson who’s only job is to tell me I have to spend a million dollars to get good quality mattress. So hours later I will walk out with a mattress leaving my life’s savings behind. The mattress will then embark on its slowest-paced mission to ruin my spine perfectly timing to kill it a 100% past the refund deadline. Since I’ll have no money left to fix my spine as I dished out my life’s savings to buy this god forsaken mattress, my desperate self will contact the mattress store hoping they’ll show some mercy to this (literally) poor soul only to find out this literally poor soul has to now carry this giant motha* out the door all by herself just to recover a snippet of her life’s savings. At which point, Henna will talk herself into sleeping uncomfortably on this god forsaken mattress for the rest of her life until…well…the vicious cycle starts all over again!

The End! (to a sad sad fairy tale)

But now this literally poor soul has stumbled upon two mattress e-commerce sites, Casper and Christeli, finally relieving her of her sufferings and misery. She is ecstatic to find good quality mattress without the need to sacrifice her wallet, comfort…and happiness!

How to find the best mattress in a maze of choices” This is New York Times stamped approval of Casper’s no hassle, free shipping and return, 100 night trial, 10 year warranty, great quality and reasonably-priced mattress.

While Christeli has dedicated sleep experts to help you find the right mattress that you can then try out for 50 days to make sure it’s really working for you.

…and everyone lived happily…ever…after…