Best of the Web

This week, I’ll share with you a few awesome things I found on the web. I may be a late bloomer so if you already knew about these from like high school days please excuse my tardiness. I’m an 80’s child so I’m guilty of lagging on the world wide web bandwagon!

But honestly, I’m excited to share what I have in store for you…and we have a little bit for everyone.



and here we go!

ImageProxyToday’s focus is on Unroll.Me. Wait…before I begin, I need a moment! Where was this service 2 weeks ago??!? That’s all I gotta say! “Torture” is the appropriate term which comes to mind when I think of the effort I put in to rid my inbox of excessive “stuff” I subscribe to. Here’s how the story commences: back in the day when the World Wide Web was kicking off, Ms. Quaintrelleoquist couldn’t keep her paws off subscribing to all kinds of sh*t out there. Decades later, staring at an overly-excessive string of emails in her inbox daily would give her gastritis. And the thought of unsubscribing from each email one by one by one by…would erupt her ulcer. But she sucked it up and sailed away on the mission anyways! Until her inbox was down to cero! Now if she had stumbled on Unroll.Me in time, her excruciating effort would have boiled down to a few clicks and minutes. Because that is exactly what Unroll.Me offers: it allows you to unsubscribe instantly from whatever you don’t want. And once you’re finished unsubscribing from what you don’t want, you can combine what you love into one email called the Rollup! I swear, reduce the noise, shrink the clutter…and be happy like the millions of users out there!

I already enrolled on Unroll!

Coming up next: Tomorrow we have something special for them chocolate lovers!


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