Something the Runners and Workout Enthusiasts would appreciate

Introducing FlipBelt from Runner and Founder of Level Terrain Apparel, Mia Do!

flipbelt flipbelt2

Where was this product when I used to run?

I think it’s pretty genius. It’s sleek, comfortable, form-fitting and designed to carry all your on-the-go essentials while your hands are free to workout. The belt is made of a moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial spandex-lycra blend which slips right on with no bulk or no bounce. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes (XS to XL) and is machine-washable.

This is how it fits everything around your waist:


This product can be purchased on FlipBelt’s website, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, AcademyBrookstone and REI.

For more information, watch this YouTube video.


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