The most uplifting playlist ever, according to a neuroscientist

Science has determined the world’s most “feel good” jam!


via Tech Insider

If you ever need a little pick me up, one neuroscientist says he has the playlist for you. Dr. Jacob Jolij, of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, created a playlist of feel-good and uplifting songs — and a formula for finding them.

It wasn’t as easy as crunching some numbers, though. According to Jolij, “A “feel good song” is rather tricky to define. Music appreciation is highly personal and strongly depends on social context, and personal associations. In that respect, the idea of a “feel good formula” is a bit odd — factoring in all these personal aspects is next to impossible, in particular if you want to come up with a quantitative feel good formula. Basically, what you need are song features that you can express in numbers.

Not sure about you but I can use a playlist like this from time to time…heck we all can!

This playlist is available for you on Spotify and YouTube.


Of course our friend Freddie tops the list!


The real Queen Yo!


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