I’m sooooo not a morning person!

2016 is not even here but I already know what my new year resolution will be. To become a dedicated morning person! I’m determined to do that next year even though I’m a confirmed night owl. I come from a family, I mean generations of night owls. I feel alive after dusk. Bed is my favorite place in the world after dawn. Well…all that is set to change in a matter of months. I’m giving myself a 3-month grace period to embrace and enjoy my night owl-ness as much as I can before I let go of an inherited habit.

Meanwhile, I gotta get creative in helping me become a morning person! Apps? Crazy alarm clocks? Anything to put an end to my infamous snooze fest!

So what do you think of these?

Walk Me Up is an App which forces you to walk a number of steps before the alarm will shut off. OMG I’ll be so annoyed each morning!

walk me app2walk me app


Or how about invest in an alarm clock I have to chase to shut if off. This clocky rolling alarm clock jumps into the air and runs off on carpet or wood once the snooze button is pushed! I’ll be a sight to see every morning!

alarm chase

Either way, I know I’m going to need one of these!

shhh cup

I think I will be ok if 2016 takes its time to come around!


via Buzzfeed


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