The Power of Forgiveness


I will admit. If there is one thing I have struggled with on few occasions is forgiveness. Imagine someone you trust wrongs you and then spares no apology. Their lack of empathy fuels three strong words in your head: “How dare they?” Emotions linger and soon hurt turns into anger: “Who the hell they think they are!” Anger provokes revenge: “I’m going to teach them a lesson!” Revenge drags you down the path of damaging the perpetrator only to find out the same path has turned you into one. As Confucious wisely quoted: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

Earlier this year I read an article on The Atlantic – “The Forgiveness Boost“. Beautiful and insightful piece about, well, forgiveness.

“When someone holds a grudge, their body courses with high levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. When cortisol surges at chronically high levels for long periods of time, Worthington says, it can reduce brain size, sex drive, and digestive ability.”

Sometimes you forgive a person not because they deserve it but because you deserve your inner peace. Not letting go will only weigh you down in the long run. Plus…

“Making amends with those who trespass against us yields a number of physical and mental benefits. Sometimes even victims of the worst crimes can find solace in letting go.”

Perhaps we can learn a lesson or two by reading about Worthington’s journey in this article!


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