Online DIY and Sewing classes for just $20!


A few years ago I took basic sewing classes and realized how easy sewing is! Trust me I’m no seasoned crafter. I run out of patience fairly quickly. There is a list of DIY’s gone bad in my rolodex. Encountering physics seemed a relatively easier task then learning how to sew until…well…I actually learned how to sew. Couple of days of basic sewing and I was off to making skirts and blouses.

But here’s the deal. If you’re like me and craving to learn how to sew, you already know that you have to reserve at least 8 hours to two full days of basic training. Unfortunately some of us do not have the luxury of spare time especially working moms.

Which is why when I ran into these online sewing classes I was like wow, this is pretty awesome! For just $20 anyone can learn the simple techniques of sewing at their own pace!

I’ve included the link to the intro video below. See what you think. If you like, you can buy the class here.

Brit+Co. offers additional training classes if you’re in the market to freshen up or pick up other crafting abilities.


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