Changing the way people shop for mattresses

When I think of shopping for a mattress, my ulcer erupts all the way to my mouth! Because that would require me to walk into a boring room and get hassled by a pushy salesperson who’s only job is to tell me I have to spend a million dollars to get good quality mattress. So hours later I will walk out with a mattress leaving my life’s savings behind. The mattress will then embark on its slowest-paced mission to ruin my spine perfectly timing to kill it a 100% past the refund deadline. Since I’ll have no money left to fix my spine as I dished out my life’s savings to buy this god forsaken mattress, my desperate self will contact the mattress store hoping they’ll show some mercy to this (literally) poor soul only to find out this literally poor soul has to now carry this giant motha* out the door all by herself just to recover a snippet of her life’s savings. At which point, Henna will talk herself into sleeping uncomfortably on this god forsaken mattress for the rest of her life until…well…the vicious cycle starts all over again!

The End! (to a sad sad fairy tale)

But now this literally poor soul has stumbled upon two mattress e-commerce sites, Casper and Christeli, finally relieving her of her sufferings and misery. She is ecstatic to find good quality mattress without the need to sacrifice her wallet, comfort…and happiness!

How to find the best mattress in a maze of choices” This is New York Times stamped approval of Casper’s no hassle, free shipping and return, 100 night trial, 10 year warranty, great quality and reasonably-priced mattress.

While Christeli has dedicated sleep experts to help you find the right mattress that you can then try out for 50 days to make sure it’s really working for you.

…and everyone lived happily…ever…after…



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