DIY: This 3-Ingredient Serum Will Give You Thicker Brows


According to Wilson, “Apply a mixture of castor oil, vitamin E, and argan oil each night by rubbing it into the brow with a Q-tip or your finger, and keep it on until morning. Pay attention to the areas where you are no longer growing new or thick hair. It’s an old beauty secret we’ve been using at the salon to help clients achieve a fuller brow and even out hair. Clients usually see results in a few months.” A few months is a small price to pay for getting your brows back!

I can vouch for the magic behind castor oil. Get this: growing up, every night before going to sleep, my dad would apply castor oil to our eye lashes (by “our” I mean me & my 2 sisters). There’s a reason we ended up with thick lashes! These tips work! Lately my eyebrows have been slimming down much to my dismay. So I resorted to old school remedies and started the castor oil treatment on my brows. Within a week I’ve noticed a difference!

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