FiftyThree is blowing my mind away right now!

Great ideas start on paper!


Meet FiftyThree, the team which introduced mobile whiteboarding at the speed of thought!

Whether you’re sketching out a new product, a kitchen remodel, or a business plan, FiftyThree’s iPad tool kit helps you capture new ideas quickly and beautifully.

It’s as easy as diagram, fill and cut.

You don’t have to be an artist or someone with serious drawing skills to get started. Let their technology allow you your freedom of expression at the speed of thought.

Confused? I was as well when I first came across it. But start by watching the two videos below and then downloading the app for free on iTunes.

This is one wicked app!!! And a great gift for an art-loving friend!!! You don’t win the award for App Of The Year for a simple reason…


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