Super Quick, Easy and Healthy Recipes for People On-The-Go

In one of my earlier posts, I confessed to the world how I royally suck at doing my hair! No matter how hard I try, I always find myself struggling on the 10th hour of a 5-minute tutorial!

Well…I have another confession to make!

I just don’t enjoy cooking! I…really…don’t! Explains why I was fit when I was living on my own. My enthusiasm for cooking allowed for an egg, cheese sandwich or baked fish on good days, but on most days I talked myself even out of those to simply settle for a bowl of cereal.

So you know you have my undivided attention when you post something like 17 Rainy Day Soups To Make In 20 Minutes Or Less, or 11 Easy Lunches You Can Make In 5 Minutes (Or Less)!!!

I mean c’mon who wouldn’t be tempted to make these soups if you knew you can have them in less than 20 minutes:

So do yourself a favor & quickly print out these soup and lunch recipes by Brit + Co. But be prepared to lose an hour wandering around their website afterwards. It’s full of ridiculously fun posts!


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