“I Am A Pakistani And I Will Only Put Up A Rainbow DP When…”

This is the title of the article written by Zermina Naveed in Parhlo.com.

I dedicate this article to my Pakistani fellows back home. Wouldn’t you agree we have bigger issues to counter rather then wasting our breath condemning laws passed in other countries where the outcome of those laws probably will never impact your daily life?

Zermina says, “If these things happen in our society, I will celebrate my heart out! I will only put up a rainbow DP when…

1. Our society will start tolerating and accepting inter-sect and inter-cast marriages!



2. When younger guys will be able to marry older women without being judged!


3. When taking dowry will be considered a crime!


4. When the mentality will change from “Doctor bahu who makes gol roti” to “Achi seerat wali larki”!



5. When the divorce taboo on a female is removed!




6. When people will start understanding that…


These are just a few I’ve shared from Zermina’s article. Please go read more here.

When did we become a society when what is “on” us takes precedence over what is “in” us. Religion everywhere was sent to elevate us into becoming better human beings. The Message should teach us to spread love and become more tolerant and respectful towards each other. It doesn’t mean you have to necessarily agree with what others do and how they choose to live their lives. Our job is to tolerate and lead by example and let God be the Judge. Unfortunately in this day and age, the compass of morality is measured on how long the sunnah beard is or how covered our heads or our faces are, neither of which God cared to mention in His Book. Yet we have become immune to intolerance, atrocities and injustice in our own homes, actions which God repeatedly condemned. Given the state of the world, frankly speaking, LGBT lifestyle should be the least of your worries!


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