Without Music, Life Would Be A Mistake

That’s a quote by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, a 19th century philosopher.

Music frees you. It speaks truth without words. It breathes life into your soul. Expresses the inexpressible. It’s the magic which transgresses the boundaries of this world and provides an escape for our miseries.

Music is simply magic!

OK…enough with my Friday morning philosophy run!

But seriously, this is exactly what Music does to you. Brings out the philosopher in you!

On my way into work, I am jamming to London Grammar, quite possibly one of the best bands of this century! Each time I listen to their tunes and by “each time” I mean “each day” because I literally listen to them “every day”, I escape into Henna’s World of Hogwarts. Where I’m driving past the French countryside in my convertible holding on to my straw hat. Or I’m sipping chai on a balcony looking over the Amalfi coast. Or I’m sitting down on an uncomfortable chair typing away on the blog, wondering what the hell…I haven’t mentioned London Grammar on my blog yet? Which is exactly what is happening right now because psssshhhh really? Who needs France or Amalfi! pssshhh

So do yourself a favor this Friday.

Get acquainted with the soaring vocals of Hannah Reid. If Florence Welch takes you to places you’d rather not speak of, wait till you hear Hannah! I was lucky enough to catch her live in Houston last year and boy! She definitely has one of the most powerful vocals in this industry!

london grammar

Here are my favorite tracks:

  1. Hey Now
  2. Nightcall
  3. Strong
  4. Wasting My Young Years
  5. Metal & Dust
  6. Maybe
  7. Help Me Lose My Mind
  8. Shyer
  9. Interlude (Live)

Or if you wish to listen to all tunes in one go, click here.

Here are the links to their YouTube and Spotify page.

Seriously, all I’m missing is their postal address!

Now go put on your Beats and make your Friday a breezy one!


4 thoughts on “Without Music, Life Would Be A Mistake

  1. I was going through an emotional phase by the end of 2013 when I discovered them. Like you there was a time when I listened to them every day. Hannah’s dark voice is amazing. Especially the song “Hey Now” has some magic for me as it was merging with my reality. I have never met anybody sharing my enthusiasm for this band so thank you for your “like” and “outing” yourself as a fan.

    • You’re very welcome!!! I saw them live last year. One of my most amazing live music experiences. Hannah sounds even more powerful behind the microphone. There’s just so much emotion embedded in their music, I think many of us can relate to their it. Indeed one of my favorite bands!!!

  2. Thanks for you recent like of my London Grammar post. They are a fabulous band and, on top of that, seem to be down-to-earth people. I thought I was the only one who listened to them every day — and I do mean every day. My favorites list looks a lot like yours, though “Nightcall” is threatening to take over the top spot.

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