I haven’t laughed like this in a loooooong time…

Besides being complete waste of space (my sincere deepest apologies to their fans!), I find The Kardashians


living in a


I mean…when you release a book full of images like



and then be crowned with the title “modern day personification of Marilyn Monroe” & “a true American icon”, all I can say is somewhere on the East coast, the remains of Marilyn Monroe and our Constitutional Forefathers moaned in pain.

But what’s more painfully (and utterly) hilarious are the reviews left by readers on the Amazon page of her eagerly awaited book “Selfish”.

I think I went on a laughing tantrum for about a good 15 minutes.

Here are some I just have to share:

kkk0 kkk01 kkk1 kkk02 kkk2 kkk3 kkk4 kkk5 kkk6 kkk7 kkk8 kkk9 kkk10 kkk11 kkk13 kkk14 kkk15 kkk16


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