Some Creative Product Designs

…that may have slipped your radar!

Wooden Camera iPhone Case – $7.99

wooden camera iphone case

Retro Pointer Finger Cursor Icon Pixel Mouse – $18.42


Zombie Cookie Jar Head – $39.95

zombie cookie jar

Pick Your Nose Party Cups – $9.00

pick your nose

Grandfather’s Ice Tray – $6.99

ice tray

Collapsible Bucket – $29.99 (I need about a dozen of these!)

collapsible bucket

Macbook Air Cover Decal – $19.94

macbook cover

Glass Cream Carton – $24.99

glass carton

Coke Can Glass – $6.77 (pack of 4)

coke can glass

Twist Whisk – $10.00


Really Cool Rolling Pins – prices vary, via the Etsy Shop

cool rolling pins

rolling pin1 rolling pin2

iPhone Keyboard Dock – $9.99

iphone keyboard

Tetris Sticky Notes – $9.26

sticky notes

Head Tissue Box Cover – $17.95

head tissue box

iPad Arcade Cabinet – $59.99

iPad arcade

Digital Peephole Viewer – $88.84

Digital peephole viewer

Mini Shopping Cart Organizer – $3.19

mini shopping cart organizer

Salt n Pepper Switch Dispenser – $10.89

salt n pepper

Kate Spade Salt & Pepper Phone Dispenser – $26.99

kate spade salt pepper


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