36 Creative DIY Ideas To Organize Your Jewelry

About 7 months ago, I wrote a post on Beautiful Ways To Organize Your Jewelry. I can’t believe I’ve been posting on this blog for this long!!! Anyhow, slightly off topic but…Mads Phikamphon from DreamModels.dk reached out to me couple of months ago to share an infographic they put together which takes a look at 36 more brilliant DIY ideas to help organize jewelry. I thought the infographic was done perfectly well so I asked Mads if they’ll be kind enough to allow me to share their infographic on Quaintrelleoquist. The answer was yes, to my relief, so here it is:


“It’s always a problem to get your jewelry organized, so it doesn’t end up with a big mess. A big mess where you can find the second earring, where you have to untangle your necklaces form each other, etc. Most people end up buying a jewelry box to get their things organized, but it might often be a better idea to make your own organizer. Most of the organizers shown on this infographic shouldn’t be to difficult to make. They are also rather cheap to make and depending on your crafting skills, they will probably also end up being worthy of display.” Mads Phikamphon

Perfectly said! Coming from a Jewelry Fanatic/Hoarder, I have yet to find a Jewelry cabinet in the market to fit my needs. So as of now, I’m just waiting on more space to work with so I can come up with my own ways to organize my jewelry.

Mads and I have shared several emails in the last couple of months. It has been so pleasant communicating with the folks behind DreamModels.dk. Check out their website especially if you are a magnet for jewelry. Their services help you find jewelry from shops across Europe!

A little creativity goes a long way!


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