Mudroom Ideas

The more I think of a new house, the more I brainstorm about the entryway, realizing now more than ever how important mudrooms are!!!

They serve multiple purposes. For instance, mudrooms could be the doorway into your house and on most occasions, “extended” congregation points for folks entering/exiting your house. If done right, they can be the statement first-impression of your house. You can hook people’s attention long enough to talk them into taking their shoes off (keep your house dirt-free!) You can cleverly design your mudrooms so shoes, clothing and other items remain hidden (keep your house odor-free!) At the same time, mudrooms can be where everyday items are easily accessed without the need to search for them around the house (keep your house clutter-free)

Here are some mudroom ideas I want to share with you. Do you see yourself investing in a mudroom?


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