45 Hidden Gems on Netflix

Netflix has every movie in their database except for the ones I want to watch!

And BuzzFeed annoys me on most days.

But sometimes life takes you by surprise.

When BuzzFeed actually posts something noteworthy and about Netflix.

Here is a long list of underrated gems you can find on Netflix as recommended by BuzzFeed community. I think there’s a great deal of substance on this list. You know why? My Favorite Movie of 2014 is on this list!!!


Read my post on SnowPiercer from the beginning of this year!

I’ve actually seen a few movies/documentaries suggested in this article. After watching those movies, I admit I was quite pleased my $8/month membership was finally paying off!

Like I said, sometimes life can hit you with the unexpected.

And please, please, please, DO NOT MISS Dear Zachary on BuzzFeed’s 45 Hidden Gems You Should Already Be Watching on Netflix! (make sure you have a box of Kleenex at arm’s reach)


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