Incredible Archaeological Finds You May Not Know About

Did you know I wanted to be an Archaeologist/Anthropologist back in College?

I think this is probably the 13th time I’ve mentioned this on my blog!

Yep, The Dream lasted but a few seconds in a desi home. Eventually talked into Business like any other 38,789,675 brown folks out there!

So every now & then I venture into the world of Archaeology imagining my doppelganger – Ms. Indiana Jones – lost in the world of mystery! (btw I was also obsessed with Harrison Ford and the entire Indiana Jones series. I think I married Harrison in my head way before I reached puberty)

Here’s what I recently found on Higher Perspective – a list of archaeological finds which force a human mind to wonder. Wonder maybe we aren’t all as smart as we think we are! People waaaaaaaaay before our time had it going with so little. It’s incredible.

Read more of the post here – I’m going to share only a few of the finds they highlighted. In fact, when you get a chance, familiarize yourself with Higher Perspective. Easily one of those sites where you can get lost for a good morning!



This was a major find because it made scientists rethink the origins of human society. It was found near a mountaintop in turkey and predates agriculture, which indicates that primitive religion may have been what originally brought civilization together, not commerce. This monument dates back to 10,000 BCE.



This interesting ancient city, built in 2600 BCE in what is now Pakistan (woo hoo!!), is one of the earliest examples of city planning. This town contains roads and a drainage system that worked like a sewer.



These tunnels found in Zhejian, China are enormous and date back as far as 212 BCE. They are covered from floor to ceiling in precise, 60 degree angled markings.



This settlement in North America is believed to have been built by the Vikings 500 years before Columbus discovered the continent for the European empire. It’s incredible to think that vikings made it all the way to North America from their home in Northern Europe.


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