Japan Diaries – Tokyo, Day 3 and 4

Our last two days in Tokyo were back-to-back packed with shopping & eating adventures.

Started the day in Shimokitazawa district. This place won’t be on the Tokyo Metro map you’ll pick up at the station. You will have to Google map it or ask someone at the train station on how to get there. I wish I remembered the trains we took to get there but unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I wasn’t the designated “Navigator” of the trip. My duties were limited to (a) serving the tea to the gang every morning (aka the official chai walli), and (b) planning the day’s itinerary.

Let’s shift our focus to Shimokitazawa or better known as Shimo. My most favorite part of Tokyo! Not only because shopping is sui generis and dirt cheap!! It’s crazy trendy!!! How about Tokyo Vogue coming to life on the streets! This district is also the hipster part of town so vintage stores are in abundance. In the evening, on weekends, this neighborhood turns into a photographer’s dream. If The Sartorialist made it to the Galata district in Istanbul, he’s bound to have been here at some point!!

Photo Apr 24, 1 50 51 AM Photo Apr 24, 1 51 01 AM Photo Apr 24, 1 51 29 AM Photo Apr 24, 2 33 26 AM Photo Apr 24, 3 54 06 AM

Photo Apr 25, 6 48 59 AM

As soon as you step out of the station, follow the path into town and keep an eye out on your right side for a warehouse full of at least 15 adorably cute stores in it, lined up flea-market style. That’s the spot you want to explore! And don’t miss shoe candy at Oriental Traffic – Aldo of Tokyo but better!

Stopped by J.S. Pancake Cafe to refuel ourselves with these heavenly desserts: (yum squared!)

Photo Apr 24, 1 21 47 AM Photo Apr 24, 1 23 28 AM Photo Apr 24, 1 32 06 AM

After an entire day of emptying out our wallets, we headed back to Shinjuku to get to the famous Robot Restaurant. HMMMMH I had heard from plenty this was the best thing they did in Tokyo. I’m not sure if I echo the same sentiment. It is definitely the strangest thing I have seen. Quirky. Not like anything I have seen before which by definition makes it unique. But…it certainly wasn’t the “best” item on my itinerary. On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 4 on “Entertainment” because I felt it was erratic and a bit childish in its production. But it gets an 8 on “Robot Madness”. Yep, so if you want to see Robots fighting each other Japanese style, go for it. Or you know what? whatthehell…go for it anyways! It’s once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure!

The staircase leading up to the show is one colorful passageway…

Photo Apr 24, 5 48 12 AM Photo Apr 24, 5 48 18 AM

Photo Apr 24, 7 21 47 AM

Show starts off with a drum performance – the best part:

Photo Apr 24, 5 58 48 AM

Photo Apr 24, 6 00 39 AM

Photo Apr 24, 6 58 46 AM

Photo Apr 24, 6 59 01 AM Photo Apr 24, 7 17 17 AM Photo Apr 24, 7 18 28 AM


My favorite part? Seeing Daryl Nixon (from The Walking Dead) on the Celebrity attendance wall!!!

Photo Apr 24, 5 44 50 AM

After the show, walked the vicinity and let the the competitive bit out at a local arcade. Tell you, I felt all-out Japanese after being in an arcade!

Photo Apr 24, 10 44 22 AM

Finished the night off with fish cakes, meatballs, grilled veggies, Yakitori (skewers), plates full of Kimchi and…a selfie!

Photo Apr 24, 8 59 51 AM Photo Apr 24, 9 02 30 AM Photo Apr 24, 9 06 47 AM


Following day, made our way into Akihabara district, Tokyo’s Manga/Anime/ Electronics capital! We didn’t have to buy much so we quickly browsed through. However if you intend to do some serious shopping then make sure to take a tour guide with you who can show you around because everything is in Japanese! If you into hair and make-up, they have some cool gadgets to offer. One thing we wanted to go to was a Maid Cafe in Tokyo and Akihabara is known for those. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time but if you do, put it on your list! And try to visit Akihabara on a Sunday – it’s a costume show!

Photo Apr 25, 1 18 20 AM Photo Apr 25, 1 21 26 AM Photo Apr 25, 2 52 56 AM Photo Apr 25, 3 17 36 AM Photo Apr 25, 3 18 08 AM

Off to Odaiba to see Gundam Statue. Odaiba is a nice part of town, bit suburbia. We were there for a very brief stop (we had a Gundam fan!) but if you have time, there are two huge malls – Aqua & Diver city malls – worth exploring.

Photo Apr 25, 4 21 02 AM

Photo Apr 25, 4 35 03 AM

Photo Apr 25, 4 30 49 AM Photo Apr 25, 4 36 38 AM

A quick autograph of Gundam and we were back in Harajuku for more last minute shopping. Bad decision! Bad decision! Three words: United Nude and Monomania!

Photo Apr 25, 7 25 53 AM

I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!

Made it in time for our 9:45 pm reservation at Rokkasen. Totally recommend the place but do make reservations in advance.

We got to grill our own A-Grade Meat!

Photo Apr 25, 8 34 23 AM

Photo Apr 25, 8 43 18 AM

Photo Apr 25, 8 39 39 AM

Last stop: Shibuya Crossing, the busiest crosswalk in Tokyo, featured in The Amazing Race and Resident Evil! Guys, this is our last night in Tokyo. I bid thee beautiful city with its beauuuuuuuuuuuutiful residents farewell in no better way then celebrating the many lights which keep this city shining bright all night long!!!

Photo Apr 24, 5 37 36 AM Photo Apr 24, 5 39 16 AM Photo Apr 24, 5 39 30 AM Photo Apr 24, 5 39 41 AM Photo Apr 24, 8 19 55 AM Photo Apr 24, 8 25 14 AM Photo Apr 24, 8 26 36 AM

Give your imagination a ride of your life and visit Tokyo!!!


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