Must-Know Photography Tips and Tricks

Watch photographer Lorenz Holder demonstrate some creative photography tips & tricks!

If you like taking pictures like the rest of us humanoids do then drop what you’re doing; these videos are short and loaded with brilliant ideas.

7 Smartphone Photography Tips and Tricks

These days most of us use our smartphones for photography for on-the-go editing and sharing convenience. Here are 7 ways you can make your smartphone photography stand out. Get ready to be the crowd pleaser on Instagram!


7 DIY Photography Tips Using Household Objects

These might need a little planning ahead of time but most objects are bound to be lying around your house as we speak. Make sure to grab a pair of stockings on your next trip!


7 Simple Photography Hacks

And if you’re more on the serious side of photography and want to learn some creative ways to photograph your next wedding session then this is the video to watch.

If you liked what you saw then do not forget to follow The Cooperative of Photography for more creative ideas!


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