Industrial Designs

I swear Tumblr is like a vacuum!!! If you get in the way of it, it can suck you in.

A couple of weeks ago I ran across #IndustrialDesign on Tumblr. I made the mistake of clicking on the hashtag. Since then, I’ve been hooked. This is news coming from someone who’s more of a vintage fan, you know, stuff you find on the other end of the spectrum.

So…since this blog is about anything & everything random that resonates with me, I will now take you into the world of Industrial Design!

Auktionstipsetvia Souda; Source

3-legged magazine table1 3-legged magazine table2

via IndustrialDesignIdeas; source

cool bookshelf

via cool stuff; source

cool grill1

cool grill2

cool grill3

cool grill4

via ippinka; source

edgy floor bookshelf1

edgy floor bookshelf2

edgy floor bookshelf3

via make stuff; source

wave cabinet

wave cabinet2

wave cabinet3

via make stuff; source

ishi desk1

ishi desk2

via take over time; source

megalith table1 megalith table2

via occupy design; source

modular brass candle blocks

via Souda; source

pethouse design pethouse design2

via pentadesk; source

papilio chairs1

papilio chairs3

via Outside The Area; Source

Embracing Touch Seat Collection

via style taboo; source

geometrical sofa set

geometrical sofa set2

via Industrial Design Ideas; source

And I can totally see myself lazy’ing on this giant boxy cushion chair!

More to come on this trend…stay tuned…


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