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Happy Monday, Yo!

1. Missy The Elliott is exactly how I feel when I look at The Wooden Boombox collection. It brings the 80s out in me! Intricately designed and extremely well-crafted, these boomboxes are available in a number of different styles. And they measure high on the performance scale as much as they do on the aesthetic scale. These awesome boomboxes are yours for only $199.00!!! (via The Coolector)

I was Hot in the 80s The side Turn it up

2. 360Fly is the revolutionary panoramic video camera like no other in the market designed to capture everything around and above us with it’s 360 technology. This water-proof, crystal-shaped camera can easily be planted on any equipment such as a helmet, bike, surfboard or skateboard. Check out the video, it’s pretty cool! And pre-order yours before it’s released!


360fly in water

3. I’m personally obsessed with maps and globes. I’m also aware not everyone else is. You may have a few friends who love to travel and live in NYC or who may love to travel and love NYC or who may love to travel and love maps! If you ever find yourself visiting any of them wondering what to take for them as a gift, then consider these no-ordinary hand drawn maps by Jenni Sparks. Visually appealing and meticulously drawn, these engaging geographical pieces of art work will be the conversation starter at your next party for a price of $112 (approx.)! (via The Coolector)

new york map

Liberty Island

East Village Greenwich


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