Sancaklar Mosque

I’d like to take this opportunity to invite Amre Arolat Architects to build a mosque like the Sancaklar Mosque in Houston! This gorgeous 7,500+ square feet mosque was built in 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The building was designed as a response to the Sancaklar family who wanted to build a mosque on a site overlooking the Buyukcekmece Lake. The design aimed at representing purest forms of light and matter, just as a primary inner world, free from all cultural burdens.

Enjoy photography by Thomas Mayer

Sancaklar Mosque2 Sancaklar Mosque4 Sancaklar Mosque10

Sancaklar Mosque5 Sancaklar Mosque6 Sancaklar Mosque7

Sancaklar Mosque Sancaklar Mosque8 Sancaklar Mosque9

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