Day 2 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

ok, I don’t wear a hijaab.

And I don’t take selfies.

I put on a hijaab (because you have to in Saudi)

Now all I wanna do is take selfies ๐Ÿ˜›

I survive on one bowl of Special K cereal + one hearty meal a day in Houston. If I eat more, I crash.

In Saudi, my stomach has magically transformed into a tank!

I can’t stop eating. And I can’t stop admiring the display of fashion in this city. No, not on real people. I mean on mannequins. But if it’s on a mannequin, it means someone desires it! I’m just trying to figure who? And where?

But first, here are a few shots of our late night drive down Cornicheย which is Jeddah’s version of Ocean Drive. Our flight arrived at 6 am. This drive took place around 11 pm. That’s because I was sleeping in between. Jet lag!

First stop, Pinkberry and Starbucks! I know, not very adventurous of us but be patient. We get better!

The sister (on left) standing with our gracious host, her mother-in-law:

The sister attempting to finish her pinkberry drink:

Rest sippin their Starbucks:

Stay tuned! Coming up – Food Porn and Fashion Diaries!!!


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