2015 Bucket List starts here

On our journey to Makkah (Mecca) for the first time!! Pray it all goes well!

On the way, made the best of our 6-hour layover at Dubai International Airport hoping to absorb some richness of this city on the journey back! This airport alone deserves a full day! I think I might need a suitcase just to accomodate the goodies from this airport.

Btw if you ever find yourself at this airport, grab the chicken sandwich from Wafi Gourmet in Terminal A. BEST chicken sandwich I’ve had in a long time!!

Between the parents, long journey, a great movie selection and lack of sleep, managed to stay awake to capture a few shots of our brief staycation at the airport:

This tower was built for my sister Sarah:

This lane is declared a no-entry zone for my niece and nephews:

Where shall I head to next:

I might grow a pair and give this a try on my way back:

And this is me, sleep deprived, washed face, an airplane meal survivor after a 14-hour plane ride followed by 4.25 hours of lounging around at an airport drooling on goodies my bod cannot afford to indulge in:

Oh man, I’m about to pray for a rich man…that first class ride on Emirates looked pimp! And I sure as hell can’t afford one in this lifetime unless I win the lotto…but I don’t even play the lotto…


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