Don’t just sit there!

An average person spends 20% of their time sitting down each day.

An average American spends 9.3 hours sitting down each day.

We are slowly becoming a physically stagnant nation blinded with hopes that 3 – 4 hours of exercise each week is enough to save our physiology when it certainly is not. Yet not realizing as we grow older, it is imperative we take caution of our health even more so then we did before.

Sitting down for extended periods of time can be damaging for our health in many ways. The inactivity resulting from it impacts our metabolism and cardiovascular health and aids muscle degeneration which can have negative prolonged effects on or around the spine region as well as hip and thigh joints.

Consequently, more and more studies are coming out on how you can break this cycle of lethargy by making conscious decisions to stand, stretch and walk multiple times during the day to help boost energy levels, burn extra calories, improve posture and blood flow circulation.

Now…I spend or I can easily spend up to 10 hours a day sitting down because that is what my job entails. I’m a researcher by nature so a typical day for me at work is spent staring at my desktop for extended periods of time with minimal physical movement. Sometimes, my butt officially numbs out which is often a cue for me to get up and take a walk. Years of neglecting an unhealthy lifestyle has exacerbated muscle tension throughout my body especially around the neck, back, hip and knees. I’ve been to four Orthopedic surgeons in the last 2 years. I sound like I’m 65 but I really am not and quite far from it. I’m just simply not taking care of my body as I should be. Remember, your body is a temple! No wait! Your body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride. (quoted: Anthony Bourdain)

The other day my lovely Massage Therapist “M” whose hands I keep very busy every 5 weeks sent me this picture recently published in the Washington Post (I think!)

The Health Hazards of Sitting Down

I printed it out and since then, have been making a conscious effort to get up and stretch every couple of hours. If things couldn’t get any better, my wonderful kind Boss ordered me a VARIDESK for work which has been the most awesome prop in my office the last two weeks. These are height-adjustable standing desks designed specifically for your work space. I tell you, standing up and working away, soooooooooooooo much more fun!

This is what my workstation looks like now!


Okay, that’s really not my workstation, I stole this off Varidesk’s site!

Now all I’m missing is a treadmill because I want my workstation to look something like this…

treadmill desk

I’m not kidding! This treadmill desk is fo real yo! I mean why stand and work when you can walk and work! A new study reveals that treadmill desks, in addition to having health benefits for workers, can also be beneficial for businesses by enhancing workforce performance.

My next Mission Possible is hoping I look as cool as this in my office…

treadmill desk

and hopefully nothing like this


which means I’d have to rid my wardrobe of some serious heels fo sure

heels on wheels

and hope to God I don’t become an HR nightmare!

never caught a break

Like I said, don’t just sit there yo! Move!


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