Best of the Web

I’m going to kick off this week with my personal tribute to the Lackluster Shark!!!

lackluster shark

This is about as random as I get…

I still can’t stop laughing at how “lost” Mr. Shark appeared on the stage…

My next Super Bowl would feel empty without it…

Okay…moving on to the Best of the Web for this week. Today my featured post brings you some of the best from the world of Blogging:

1. Pretty Much Amazing blog pretty much is the source for discovering everything amazing about new music and artists, latest tracks, remixes and delicious recommendations. MTV declared it as one of the “best independent music blogs” and a blog “you should know about“. So check it out if you’re frequently on the quest to spice up your music library on the iPod.

2. I have watched the fashionably snob blog Snob Essentials grow from a two-person to practically a staff of snobs who enjoy bringing everything exquisite in the world of fashion to your doorstep, from bags to clothing to shoes to jewelry to what not!

3. The Single Muslimah has gots to be one of the funniest blogs out there! To all my single Muslim women, if you cannot relate to this, I’m afraid you have not been (a) single, and (b) Muslim anytime in your lifetime.

4. Every once in a while, a blog like True & Sania comes along and puts you in a good place each time you peruse it. Welcome yourself in the interior design world of Stylists and Interior Journalists Sania Hedengren & Susanna Zacke.

5. Information is Beautiful! Yes, indeed it is! Or at least London-based Data Journalist and Information Designer David McCandless seems to think so. I was introduced to David two years ago at an Urban Outfitter store in New Orleans. I bought his book that day. So if you, like me, get curious from time to time about completely random stuff such as how much shall I run to burn off a cup of mocha or who runs this damn world which may be why we are at war at all times, then please, enlighten yourself!


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