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Welcome back from the weekend!!!


  1. If you suffer from neck, shoulder and/or back problems and in the market for a solid pillow, I swear, look no further! The SensorGel Memory Foam Contour pillow seen here at Macy’ is the answer to your tension areas. I’m so glad I found it and have been anxious to share this secret with the world. The contour shape of the pillow provides my neck the right amount of support as a result of which I no longer wake up with unnecessary soreness in my back. My sleep has considerably improved in turn elevating my morning attitude on the niceness scale (I’m so not a morning person!) The pillow is $80 (not cheap!) but Macy’s will have a sale on it from time to time for instance, I bought this during Xmas sale last year for $25 (yes, believe it or not!). It was marked down to $50 and I had a $25 off $50 purchase coupon. So…great investment…be on the lookout!
  2. I found out about Be My Eyes from my brother-in-law this week. The idea behind it captured my heart right away. Be My Eyes app connects blind people with volunteer helpers around the world. A blind person requests assistance via the app on a challenge which could be anything from finding the expiration date on the milk carton to navigating around a train station. A volunteer helper is notified at which point a live connection is established to help the blind. How neat! How thoughtful! How heart-warming!
  3. For the avid travelers, shop for a wider variety of travel size products for men, women and families then what your average drugstore has to offer. Although I couldn’t find my skincare brand (Cera Ve), there are many other brands to choose from if you’re flexible on your traveling adventures
  4. If you’re the quintessential late-bloomer shopper who discovers a coupon has expired right before you’re about to use it or shows up to return a jacket 2 days past its return deadline then you seriously need the ziploop app on your phone! It’s a digital wallet which helps you upload receipts to simplify your returns & exchanges, store promotions & gift cards in one place to redeem on time and track your favorite stores for new arrivals, sales and special offers
  5.  Oh my, another gold for my travelers! PackPoint is a free packing list app which helps you organize what you need to pack based on length of travel, weather of your destination, and any activities planned during your trip. Their motto: Never forget your _____ again! I…need…this!!!

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