How to Eat Healthy in 2015

don't be scared

This is ME when someone says “diet?”

I am SURE as hell one of your New Year Resolutions is to eat healthy, a resolution which will approximately last 100% successfully until V-Day at which point it will begin to crumble. And then subsequently all hopes of eating healthy will be diminished by Easter.

If this doesn’t sound like you then you’re that disciplined moron I come to envy each year!

Last year as my 2014 resolution, I took on the task to find ways to eat healthy, happy and consistently. Healthy eating will produce the results you want if it has a chance at becoming an ongoing part of your life as opposed to being part of some seasonal diet plan. To accomplish that, healthy eating is something you must enjoy and do consistently so your body has enough time to adjust to it to begin producing results you desire.

Very soon my Pinterest page became a repository of all meals quick, budget-friendly and healthy. But Pinterest to me is like poison for the OCD! I’d get on Pinterest at 12:00 pm to look up a recipe only to find myself reading how to DIY cuff links for my dog by 12:07 pm! I needed a better, more efficient route for my OCD mind if I wanted to get on a healthy & consistent plan.

I have NO clue how I ended up discovering my first healthy-eating resource on Instagram. Must have been me living the same “healthy recipe to DIY cuff links for dog” moment on Instagram but anyhow, point being, Instagram is actually a pretty good resource for quick, delicious and healthy recipes only if you know where to click.

So…today, I will share with you 5 Instagrammers I follow for healthy recipes. They’re all actually pretty awesome and only a few clicks away on your phone with recipes available right on their Instagram page (meaning no need to visit their website). I can look them up quickly while I’m standing at H.E.B dazed and confused in the middle of the day wondering “what the hell to cook…”

  1. – calorie-friendly, easy-to-make, savory dishes with ingredients most likely already present in your kitchen pantry
  2. missk_j6 – indulge your sweet tooth in delicious dessert recipes (I’ve already tried a few & they were a hit!) including many ideas on low-calorie baking substitutes (may have to pay a visit to your local organic food store for some of these ingredients)
  3. videomeals – my personal favorite, a collection of 10-15 second videos of quick meals
  4. meals4fitness – a great resource for snack-lovers or as I like to call them “snackers”
  5. cookinwithmima – for your vegan needs but don’t let the “vegan” discourage you from paying a visit to her IG page

Aren’t you glad you read this??!!!


Now say to yourself:

I will rule

and remember:


Images via Limitless and Cake.


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