Introducing the “Best of the Web”

I have come to the conclusion that online shopping is a black hole of goodies for your wallet. I was one of those shoppers who found it necessary to put all my 5 senses to test when making a purchase so obviously online shopping wasn’t my forte. Confession: I do not have an Amazon Prime account…just yet! However, until recently say about a year ago, I found myself more willing to give up control of my 5 senses & befriend online shopping. The rest…is history!

So today I start a new line of posts titled “Best of the Web”. These are products or services I think are worth bookmarking or a friendly visit.

The intent is to have these posted every Monday but as you can obviously detect, I have not been a disciplined and punctual blogger (blogging is a full-time job yo!) Hence I’ll do my best to keep up with my own expectations although I advise, procrastination is one of my strengths!

1. For $79.97, Kate Spade Women’s Metro Holographic Turquoise Watch makes a stunner holiday gift. Although I’m fashionably late in suggesting a holiday gift but ladies if the return/exchange-holiday-gift process has begun then this is definitely an option worth considering!


2. Peacock lovers! This fancy Peacock Decorative Pillow by Marlo Lorenz Clara is bound to become a showstopper on your couch or bed. Head to Dillard’s with $45.00 if you want one.

Peacock Decorative Pillow

3. For Crafters, TheThriftShopper.Com is an equivalent of a candy store! A one-stop shop for all your thrift shopping needs hosts a national directory of thrift stores around the country. Aren’t you glad you just up’ed your vacay shopping budget by 100%!

4. InvisibleHand can notify you when a product, flight or rental car you’re browsing can be bought for less elsewhere. It’s 100% free with an app available for download on an iPhone.

5. You can never have enough options to shop for custom cards and invitations. Check out for a plethora of designs.


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